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La Gestió del multiculturalisme a les biblioteques universitàries : el cas de la Biblioteca del Campus Terrassa de la UPC

  • Globalisation and growth of immigration have intensified the debate about multiculturalism in our society that affects educational institucions as well. This article analyse the role of universities and their libraries in managing cultural diversity. Contrary to the trend in English-speaking countries, this phenomenon has not been studied at the unversity level in Catalonia or Spain. After first analysing the experience of several American university libraries, the article describes specific action undertaken by the Library of the Terrassa campus. The authors conclude with a proposal for certain actions to adress the challenge to our libraries represented by multiculturalism.
  • Puertas, Miquel
  • Sunyer, Silvia
  • Vives-Gràcia, Josep
  • 2004
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • PeerReviewed
  • ca