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Librarians and the Nature of Expertise

  • There is a large body of expertise research which has examined the differences between novices and experts. More recently however, researchers such as Bereiter and Scardamalia have been specifically looking at the differences between experience and expertise. Their research explores why some professionals become experts in their area, while others with equal experience remain merely competent. A summary of recent expertise research from the fields of education and psychology will be presented and the implications of this research for librarianship discussed. It is suggested that while knowledge is the basis of expertise, progressive problem solving is an important factor. Experts tend to be those who constantly push the boundaries of their own knowledge and skills, seeking to increase their effectiveness, rather than just their efficiency. An understanding of the nature of expertise can be used by Library managers and professional librarians seeking to improve performance.
  • Perrone, Vye
  • 2004-01-01
  • Conference Paper
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