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Activities of National Hellenic Documentation Centre and the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries

  • The mission of National (Hellenic) Documentation Centre (NDC)is to ensure the flow of the scientific and technological information to the Hellenic scientific community. This is achieved by establishing online access to 17 international hosts and 1.300 databases, acting as the major information intermediary in the country offering bibliographic references to 10.000 scientst per year, producing 8 national databases and hosting 40 databases produced by other national or international organisations. Concerning libraries NDC supports them by developing and disseminating ABEKT, the most popular library automation software in the country numbering more than 700 copies installed, developing, in close collaboration with 206 libraries, the Union Catalogue of Periodicals including 22.790 unique journal titles, creating and coordinating the National Network of Hellenic Scientific Libraries with 107 libraries supporting interlibrary loan through the online document ordering system provided by the host computer of NDC, developing its own digital library having access to more than 230 electronic journals via internet and about 1.000 installed locally, organising seminars, workshops and information days focusing on the electronic information services and technologies
  • Tsimpoglou, Filippos
  • 1998
  • Conference Paper
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