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El desarrollo de la colección en los planes de estudio de biblioteconomía y documentación : una análisis comparativo internacional

  • This paper intends to show the present state of education concerning the teaching of collection development within the new technological environment in which we are immersed. It presents the results of a study of the Web pages of Schools and Departments of Library and Information Science throughout the world examining both their specific syllabi and the courses dealing with collection development they offer. The results indicate that, at present, it is only the English-speaking countries that offer courses specialised in collection development and have completely integrated this subject in their study programmes. In most of cases the teaching takes place within the master level and students must fulfil certain prerequisites in order to be accepted. On the other hand, many departments and graduate schools, mainly from Europe but also Latin America, Asia and Africa, have very few courses dealing with collection development although they are aware of the need to fill this vacuum. Another new field that is also dealt with in this paper is the teaching of the virtual library. Data is provided on the teaching of such courses by the universities visited since collection development is always included in them.
  • Pérez López, Ana
  • 2000
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
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