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Information Services to the Legislators

  • The study points out that information systems that can present before the members of the legislature unbiased, relevant timely information is a vital factor that enables legislators to fulfill people's expectations on them. For a legislator, independent judgment and commitment to national interests are very important. Legislators have to make clear and well-prepared presentation at the house to substantiate his arguments. All these show that legislators require very efficient, continuous need based supply of information and documents relevant to discussions or activities in which they have to participate every day. The strength of the legislature lies in its capacity to scrutinize the political and administrative actions of the government. This necessitates the timely availability of information on working of various departments of government. Unless the adequate supply of information is not there legislature cannot effectively oversee the administration. This is also facilitated by Legislature Libraries. There are also other devices like question hour, short notice question, half an hour discussion, adjournment motion, short duration discussion, calling attention, submissions, resolutions, motions, private members business etc. which are used by legislators to obtain information as well as bring important information to the attention of the assembly. Most of these devices also depend on library for their success. So the paper points out that modernization of legislature library and information system using ICT is important. Recommends digitization of legislative proceedings, rare and antique documents, preparing electronic version of the Who is Who etc. Points out the importance of State Information Infrastructure information networking of Parliament and State Legislature Libraries in making information access for legislature speedy and efficient.
  • Raman Nair, R.
  • 2005
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • PeerReviewed
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