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The Five Laws of Library Science

  • This is an updated scan of the Prefatory Matter (Title pages, Table of Contents, Preface by Madras Library Association, Foreword by Sir P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer, Introduction by Mr. W.C. Berwick Sayers), Chapter 1: The First Law, Chapter 2: The Second Law and Its Struggle, Chapter 3: The Second Law and Its Digvijaya, Chapter 4: The Second Law and Its Implications Pages, Chapter 5: The Third Law, Chapter 6: The Fourth Law, Chapter 7: The Fifth Law, Appendix, and Index, from S.R. Ranganathan's The Five Laws of Library Science, Madras Library Association, 1931. Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan (1892-1972) was a pioneer in the field of Library and Information Science. S.R. Ranganathan?s The Five Laws of Library Science, the main premise of which is "books are for use," is arguably the most influential work in LIS to date. ? Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS). Permission for non-profit use granted by SRELS. To purchase reprints of this work, please visit Ess Ess Publications at
  • Ranganathan, S. R.
  • 1931-01-01
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