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Bibliotecas nacionales y robótica : el sistema de robots de la Biblioteca Valenciana

  • The management of the physical documentation continues being a challenge of many centers, especially in those that, as the national libraries, should negotiate enormous collections and to adapt uses and guidelines of work to buildings with a high historic-artistic value. Is the case of the Biblioteca Valenciana, the national library of the Valencian Community, that since the year 2000 counts on own headquarters in the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, jewel of the Spanish and Valencian renaissance. The study describes the system of robots installed in said year, its characteristics, utilities and advantages, as well as the problematic one detected after four years of operation.
  • Soler Verdejo, Núria
  • Martínez Qués, Mª Ángeles
  • Muñoz Feliu, Miguel C.
  • Merlo Vega, José Antonio
  • 2004
  • Conference Paper
  • NonPeerReviewed
  • es