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Introducció als aspectes estratègics en la selecció de sistemes de gestió de biblioteques

  • Diverse and -mainly- technological are the reasons why a library selects a concrete automated system amongst several of them. As the project will have an enourmous impact within the institution, strategic planning methodology must be applied on the selection process. In order to guarantee the information dissemination, access and preservation which are part of all libraries mission, the strategy must base on data property, technological independency and responsability principles. This article highlights the need of adopting strategic avaluation procedures based on analysing the institution and its context: indentifying the needs and the available resources, and estimating the risks and the success factors. It also points some conditioning factors (understanding, psicological and political ones) that might condition the library automation system implementation project. Finally, free software is proposed as an advantageous option from the strategic point of view when selecting a library automation system, in terms of the freedom guarantees that this model defines and the data property, technological independency and responsability principles described at the beginning.
  • Barragan, Cris
  • Russo, Patricia
  • 2006
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
  • ca