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Knowledge Management Policies on Digital Content of Libraries

  • We analyze the use of the digital content of non-profit libraries, such as, national and academic, worldwide, as expressed through the restrictions of intellectual property and the knowledge management policies. We classify the policies according to factors, such as, the content creation type, its acquisition method and intellectual property, analyze their relationship and extract quantitative remarks. We propose a policy model of access, reproduction and use for the digital content of national and academic libraries. The model contains not only library implemented practices, but also, new, and not implemented so far, policies, which can offer solutions to management of digital information and knowledge; in addition, rules on policies supplemented by their exceptions. Two separate policy models, for the digitized and the born-digital, arise and presented respectively, and relevant conclusions that valid on each case are extracted. Finally, findings on policies, common, for national and academic libraries, and unique, are presented.
  • Koulouris, A.
  • Kapidakis, S.
  • 2005
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
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