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Reklassifizierung grösserer fachspezifischer Bibliotheksbestände : Durchführbarkeitsstudie für die Fachbibliothek für Germanistik an der Universität Wien

  • This feasibility study analyzes the options for transferring the complete holdings (130000 volumes) of the German Studies Library at the University of Vienna to a new shelf classification and a new book number system. The following steps were undertaken: a literature-based, critical examination of relevant classification systems; a practical comparison of these systems based upon selected items from the library's collection; the selection of the most appropriate system (the Regensburg classification scheme was preferred to the DDC); a segmentation of the library's holdings according to different requirements for reclassification; developing a model of the personnel expenditure required for the reclassification project (a total of approximately 10 person-years was estimated).
  • Oberhauser, Otto
  • Seidler, Wolfram
  • 2000
  • Report
  • NonPeerReviewed
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