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Gestión de archivos particulares en la era digital

  • The implementation of new technologies in the private sphere and the promotion of strategies of e-administration and e-commerce are changing the characteristics and the way private files are managed. Electronic documents to be filed, resulting from administrative proceedings, from private communications with friends in the form of emails, pictures, and resulting from online services -electronic banking, job search, internet shopping, etc.– they all join creating a new stage for the private file owners. To make the organization of the personal file feasible to the owner, we propose the creation of a management system based on the principle of maximum automation of description, classification and conservation procedures (for which the technology has advanced enough already in the private sector) and the existence of a collaboration framework on which the public administration, associations and enterprises are involved to make viable this project, which, nevertheless, requires a not so simple cultural change.
  • Suárez Samaniego, Luis
  • Medrano Corrales, Isabel
  • 2005
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
  • es