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Електронен формуляр за регистрация и „Z39.50-Client” – две web-базирани приложения на библиотечния софтуер Q-Series или как беше поставено началото на автоматизирането на една факултетска библиотека

  • Z39.50 – Client - program for search and conversion of bibliographic records from MAB 2 in MARC 21 - cross library search in electronic catalogues by protocol Z39.50 - possibility for parallel search in 16 data bases - entering of information for call number and printing of call number labels - printing of barcodes for books On-line registration form - registration of patrons via library Web site - verification of the patrons data and creating of a patron record - printing of patron library passport with barcode
  • Димитрова, Антоанета
  • 2006
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
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