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Pasarelas temáticas en internet: un modelo de directorio basado en la aplicación de técnicas documentales

  • . Subject gateways on the Internet: a model of directory based on the application of documentary techniques. Quoting to Abadal and Estivill: “facilitating the access to a selected set of web resources can be considered a fully consolidated tendency in the libraries of the advanced countries”. They can decide on three options: 1) to include in its own catalogues registries relative to these resources, following the possibilities that offer their library management system. 2) To create simple resources guides, with an elementary description. 3) To design more complex data bases specifically for the description of selected resources. In this article the third option is analyzed, because it is a specific model of directory that has been developed in libraries, information centres and consortia. This model is called "Subject Gateways". We are talking about information systems that select, describe and classify web resources applying criteria typical from Librarianship and Information Science, as subject classifications or controlled languages. Following Sebastià and Martinez-Carner, the thematic gateways are characterized by the application of the “quality control in the selection, description, indexation and evaluation of the resources”. Therefore, they are models of directories addressed to the academic and scientific communities, based on the selection of resources of high quality information, identified and evaluated by information professionals (special librarians and information scientists). They can be available in the own web, or being part of a library or a scientific portals. .
  • Rodríguez Yunta, Luís
  • 2004
  • Journal Article (On-line/Unpaginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
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