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El consumo de información: una primera aproximación al concepto

  • The object of the present article is to offer a new perspective of informative necessities analysis of a person introducing the "information consumption" concept. Afterwards we shall analyze the way in which a user, whereas person who works with information and documents, carries out his activity from the sign that this activity leaves, for example, in the personal computer that uses. From the exhibition of a concrete hypothesis of work we will pass to enumerate and to describe the data that is considered significant of this informative consumption, the instruments used for the location of these data, and the possible technical applications of work. Next, we will expose some significant examples of intelligence agents prototypes who are based on analysis of the informative consumption. Last, we will try to make a reflection on the possibilities that this exposition of work offers to be able to carry out a diffusion of the information the most fit to real the informative necessities of a user and/or an informative group.
  • Martínez, Gemma
  • 2003
  • Journal Article (On-line/Unpaginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
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