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Bases de datos bibliográficas y clasificación de revistas científicas: problemas de la interdisciplinariedad para la automatización de procesos

  • In the bibliographical databases, the traditional work systems have resorted mainly to the manual classification of each article or individual document. Only some database producers used to assign a classification heading to the journal, which affected consequently all its articles. Nevertheless, this way of work can be a more useful alternative in the immediate future because of the need of automating the data load processes. Taking this hypothesis as a starting point, the problem of the interdisciplinary nature of the research as well as the maintenance of disciplinary profiles by the journals are considered. An analysis based on the Spanish journals in the Humanities is made. The subject definition made by the publication, its relation with the classification system and the subject distribution by percentage of its articles in the ISOC database, will be analyzed. Practical conclusions will be drawn on the viability of a bibliographical database system automatically updated, with allocation of classification headings through the journal title.
  • Gutiérrez García, Beatriz
  • Rodríguez Yunta, Luis
  • Román Román, Adelaida
  • Rodríguez Bravo, Blanca
  • Alvite Díez, Mª Luisa
  • 2007
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
  • es