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Επιτροπή υλοποίησης για τα περιοδικά - Οριζόντια δράση (ΕΠΕΑΕΚ)

  • The Steering Group for periodicals was assigned by the governing body of the Horizontal Action for Libraries {funded by the 2nd Community Support Framework). The task was to implement the proposals of the final report of the Working Group of Periodicals titled «A rational collection development of the Scientific Journals of the Greek Academic Libraries". The Steering Group's main concern was the introduction of the international scientific electronic information to the Greek Academic Libraries in the most efficient and effective way. The actions that followed proved that the goal was attainable. The first step was the creation of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link). Then, negotiations with publishers took place and agreements were signed, providing the Greek Academic Community with a large volume of important scientific content in electronic format in order to meet its scientific research and educational needs. Furthermore, the Steering Group in an effort to_promote the cooperation amongst libraries, has studied and is making an effort to apply modern scientific methods and techniques for: 1. the analysis of the current situation concerning the journals collection development, the current needs of the academic community and the rational management of financial resources and 2. The definition and prerequisites to make the best of the libraries' periodicals acquisitions, nationally. The fact that the project took off immediately (with the absorption of the necessary funds) proves: • the necessity of access to the above mentioned scientific material • the necessity for the cooperation of the Greek Academic Libraries and • the necessity to safeguard the current developments and extent its actions to other fields.
  • Δέρβου, Κλωντίνη
  • Κορφιάτη, Μαρίνα
  • Τζεδάκη, Σάσα
  • Φράγκου-Μπάτσιου, Άννα
  • 1999
  • Conference Paper
  • NonPeerReviewed
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