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El Profesional de la Información como facilitador del libre acceso a la información

  • Paper title: The information professional as a facilitator to the free access to information. The Mexican Law for Access to Public Information is very plausible on its democratic essence, an issue this paper does not address, instead, it is analysed the importance of the function of the professional of information as an organizer and advisor on the search and retrieval of information. The relationship between democracy and libraries is analised as a simbiotic one where it could be impossible imagine one without the other. Whereas democracy holds its supreme powers on people, libraries make democracy works for the people through the provision of access to information so its citizens can be enabled to make the necessary decisions for their self government. Libraries make available to all the people knowledge and ideas, regardless their age, race, creed, gender or social position and also provide them with information to foster the civil debate and the good neighbourghood.
  • Torres-Reyes, José Antonio
  • 2002
  • Conference Paper
  • NonPeerReviewed
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