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Ο ρόλος των σύγχρονων Βιβλιοθηκών στη νέα οικονομία : η διαχείρηση της γνώσης ως βάση για την παραγωγή υπηρεσιών προστιθέμενης αξίας

  • “The new economy” constitutes a relatively recent reality in the Greek informative market, influences the operational operations of libraries and shapes new rules and constants. The modern libraries - information services - so that they keep pace with the developments, owe to invest in the change of their organizational culture, to adopt new roles, to strengthen the practices of communication policy and to manage effectively the “knowledge” in which they have access or produce. Emanation mentioning before constitutes the growth of services of “added value” that will ensure competitive advantages for the libraries. The article via bibliographic examination and qualitative analysis, initially, fixes the “new economy” and conceptually places the term of “added value” in the information services in the libraries' environment. Afterwards, is held qualitative analysis of environment of new economy in Greece in order to determined the modern role of libraries so as to corresponding in the modern challenges ensuring, not only the viability, but also their competitive presence.
  • Βασιλακάκη, Ευγενία
  • Χαλεπλίογλου, Άρτεμις
  • 2005
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
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