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Σχεδιασμός και ανάπτυξη θεματικής πύλης με εξειδίκευση στις γεωπονικές και συναφείς επιστήμες στις βιβλιοθήκες του Γεωπονικού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών

  • This presentation aims to describe the creation of a portal. The role of portal is the localisation, in the internet, of web pages relative with concrete scientific area. Each portal, is usually specialised in a scientific area, e.g. Mathematics, or in a total from sciences, e.g. Positive Sciences. The information that is provided is various, e.g. articles of electronic journals, papers, studies or presentations in congresses that have been published in the internet. The library of Agricultural University of Athens created a gate that covers subjects with regard to the agricultural sciences, as plant production, animal production, geology, biology, biotechnology etc. Its creation was separated in three stages: planning, creation and maintenance-evaluation. In the stage of planning the library determined the objectives of the portal. Moreover, became research for the cost and the essential personnel. In the stage of creation was drawn the essential software, which locates web pages in the internet relative with the subjects that covers the particular portal. Also, was created a database, in which are stored this sources and an effective environment of work (Interface), with which the users have the possibility of seeking the data using different methods of search. Finally, in the stage of maintenance and evaluation the library is called to maintain the particular database, but also to evaluate the portal providing likely improvements.
  • Μονόπωλη, Μαρία
  • Χανδρινός, Κ.
  • Σταματάκης, Κ.
  • 2005
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
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