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Προϋποθέσεις για αυτορυθμιζόμενα μοντέλα διαχείρισης βιβλιοθηκών

  • During the last decade the Academic Libraries operate in a continuously changing environment, resulting the widened fields of exploitation of the Information Technologies and Communications (ITC) and the consecutive applications in the international system of scholarly communication e.g. consortia collections of bases of data, electronic journals and books, Open Access Initiatives, institutional and international electronic repositories, open source software, lifelong and distance learning etc. A systemic inconsistency is observed between the nature of the problems, originated from the evolution of the environment, and the static models of management, either concerning the hierarchical level of the individual library, or the hierarchical level of cooperative schemas. The emerging “managerial voids” and the weakness of effective confrontation of newly appearing problems assess the traditional ways of libraries operation and their effectiveness. The paper attempts a systemic approach in the investigation of the problematic situations that are emerging in the Academic Libraries. It identifies the factors that cause the changes, examines the needs for adaptation or confrontation of the consequences by the Academic Libraries and proposes supporting mechanisms for the management of changes. Concerning the individual libraries the paper examines the ways with which the possibility for the personnel to contribute effectively in the choice, the hierarchy, the methodology and the practice for the confrontation of the problems, are ensured. Analogically, the conditions are approached that make it possible for the individual library to attend the cooperative schemas, through their institutional role, having voice and action with systematic way and processes. Based on the previous theoretical model a case study is presented concerning the Library of the University of Cyprus and the efforts for establishing three supporting mechanisms for self-adjustment and management of changes: 1. The management of problems through the creation and operation of working teams with “self-determined terms of mandate” 2. The lifelong education of the personnel through a) the official education, b) the organisation of internal seminars, c) the follow-up of international organisations and conferences 3. The promotion of the academic character of library and library scientists. The systematic operation of the individual library through working teams can be used as a model for the operation of cooperative schemas for the confrontation of related problems.
  • Tsimpoglou, Filippos
  • Κατσιρίκου, Ανθή
  • 2007
  • Conference Paper
  • PeerReviewed
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