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Distance Education - an essay

  • [Polish abstract] Jest to kr?tki esej filozoficzny na temat zdalnego nauczania, jego roli we wsp??czesnym ?wiecie. E-learning wydaje si? by? przysz?o?ciow? metod? edukacyjn?, ma pewne atrakcyjne cechy, kt?re s? zwi?zane z Internetem i nowoczesnymi technologiami. Oczywi?cie jego powodzenie zale?e? b?dzie od koszt?w, jako?ci tre?ci i sprawno?ci technologii wykorzystywanych w procesie uczenia.
    Resumen (inglés):
    This is a short essay about distance education. Now when the present of the world is diametrically opposed to our past, when we have so big communication possibilities, e-learning appear to us as a chance for using a new form of education, which will become general and will spread worldwide. And maybe, thanks to itself attractiveness, it gains the big number of followers and more participants (specially in Poland). It will be depends on the quality of proposals, the reliability of computer network and software, the prices and costs, the interesting topics and so on.
  • Bednarek-Michalska, Bo?ena
  • 1998-01-01
  • Preprint
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