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Estrategias para construir un nuevo paradigma de recursos humanos en las bibliotecas públicas mexicanas

  • This presentation it is part of the paper of the same title (Strategies to build a new paradigm for the human resources of the Mexican public libraries) deposited here at E-LIS in this page: . This work shows evidence that one of the most acute problems that faces the Mexican public libraries is that of their personal who the vast majority lacks of university training in library science or librarianship. It criticises that various researchers have identified such problem, but their conclusions have become stagnated into an outdated paradigm where they only identify the problems, but without looking their most feasible solutions. It argues for the construction of a new paradigm where alternative strategies were taken into consideration to look for the general welfare of librarians and information workers, such as: university training for the personnel; to create a national open distant education system of university training in library science with full scholarships from the government to all the Mexican librarians working in public libraries; to seek for the regulated raising of wages to personnel; to seek for the creation of a tabular system of categories of job descriptions and salaries; for the creation of a position promotion and salary ascending system through the professional career service; to look for grants from the government for librarians so they can improve their professional development by subscribing to library associations and to attend conferences; in general to look both in policy and practice for the real welfare of all Mexican librarians and information workers, among others.
  • Muela-Meza, Zapopan Martín
  • 2002
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