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Gobierno Electrónico y Bibliotecas Populares: Dos socios al servicio de las necesidades de información de la comunidad de la Provincia de La Pampa (Argentina)

  • It is proposed B.I.B.I.R, a library networking as a viable solution to information needs of the community of the Province of La Pampa (Argentina). This network popular library will be a bridge between pampeanos and its institutions, integrating,optimizing and distributing resources, services and benefits, public and private, so mitigate the existing gap informational. The aim is also that this work synergistically to join the actions and undertaken in the local ecosystem, serving as the trigger generator and concrete actions towards electronic government in the province. In the first stage, the paper describes the changes that the information society has brought on communities, their governments and institutions. The following defines and analyzed the electronic government and specifically, the electronic government in the province of La Pampa. It continues with an exhibition of the situation of the libraries popular pampeanas well as of B.I.B.I.R. Finally, presents the final conclusions of work.
  • Rodríguez Palchevich, Diana Rosa
  • Moreno, Dante Adalberto
  • 2006
  • Conference Paper
  • NonPeerReviewed
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