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Sachliche Erschließung im Österreichischen Verbundkatalog : Status und Perspektiven

  • The article describes the present status of subject indexing and classification in the Austrian Union Catalogue, and also broaches the issue of faceted subject browsing in a future retrieval system based on search-engine technology. Subject headings according to RSWK (German subject cataloguing rules) can be found in just under 40% of the union catalogue's 6.6 million records. Five classification systems are used on consortium level, i.e. Dutch Basic Classification (German version), ZDB classification scheme, DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification), RVK (Regensburg classification scheme), and MSC (Mathematics Subject Classification). There is a growing tendency of RVK use (at present approx. 433000 records or 6.6%). The author hypothesizes that subject headings (RSWK) will not lend themselves particularly well to faceted navigation as they tend to create rather small subsets of search results. Therefore, a broad classification system should be the better basis for a topical facet. Accordingly, several options for the enrichment of the union catalogue's records with BC notations (Basic Classification) are discussed.
  • Oberhauser, Otto
  • 2008
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
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