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Lilacs-BVS-Scielo : Proyecciones internacionales para las publicaciones científicas de América Latina y del Caribe

  • In this article we face the current problem of the low diffusion of the original Latin American research works published in regional journals, due to the lack of incorporation of these in the international databases. On the other hand, the current projects are presented and described, undertaken through cooperative efforts, generated, directed and implemented by international institutions with the purpose of promoting the regional publications to better the local scientific communications. Initially, a need to creat and maintain a regional data base was detected, to compile and diffuse the progress of Health Sciences: Lilacs, Latin American Literature in Health Science whose benefits are directed to the centralized compilation of research with intrinsic characteristics that present the latin American reality of research, and who onthe other hand allow, through its selection critera to elevate the quality standars of the journals that are governed by these so as to be integrated into the data base. Other projects currently under way are the creation of the Health Virtual Library, a virtual space that collects the information by countries providing support tools to the scientific administration, and additionally the generation od SciELO a regional data base that covers the need for follow-up statistics of use and impact of the regional scientific literature. In conclusion, the current editorial committees must not only ensure the quality of the contents od the journals but also maintain a rigorous and formality of the publication through time; the integration to the regional projects must be considered as an objective as well as documenting the current standards. Once the title is qualified and incorporated in the Index Services and selected Abstracts, there must be a continuance and subsequently by way of the acquired quality, integrate the analysis projects and evaluations of the impact of the regional scientific literature.
  • Rodríguez Larenas, Cristina
  • 2002
  • Journal Article (On-line/Unpaginated)
  • PeerReviewed
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