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Charithrathinte Uravakalkku Samrakshanam

  • [English Abstract] Collection, conservation, organization and providing services with the content of the ancient records, which is the memory of the society; our heritage is the major objective of the archives department of government. In the ancient world there was no difference between archives and library collections. The paper discusses the history of archives in the Earlier Travancore Kingdom from 1887. It provides information on different types of records of knowledge that existed in the region through many centuries, like palm leaf, copper plates, stone tablets, paper, etc. It is pointed out that the of Kerala holds valuable collection on ancient science and technology, and covers subjects like Ayurveda, Siddha, architecture, astronomy, tantra, astrology, Vedanta, Mimamsa, and Nyaya etc. Ninety five percent of the documents in the collection are never published and of these most of them have no duplicate copies anywhere. Hence the paper recommends that technologies used in Library and Information Science field may be applied in archives collections also to copy, conserve, index, catalogue and disseminate the knowledge content of the records in archives. [Malayalam Abstract] Samskarathinte orma, rekappeduthappetta arivu samrakshikku kayum adutha talamurakalkku kaimarukaym cheyyuka enna mahathaya krityamanu gavenmentinte purareka vakuppu cheyyunnathu ennu eh lekanam choondikkanikkunnu. Pracheena kalathu granthalayangalum purareka sekarangalum tammil vithyasamillyirunnu. Tiruvitamkoorile purarekha samrakshana pravarthanangalude charithravum avidathe vivitha taram pura rekhakalekkurichum vivarikkunnu. Evaye granthalya sastra tatvangal anusarichu vargekarikkukayum, soochikakal nirmikkukaym cheyyendunnathinte avasykatha choondi kkanikkunnu. Samrakshanathinu aadhunika samkethika vidhyakal upyogappeduthuka, sevanangal granthalya sringalakalilude labymakkuka tudangi vivida nirdesangal munnottu vaikkunnu.
  • Raman Nair, R.
  • 1987-01-01
  • Newspaper/Magazine Article
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