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Public Library Systems in Ancient South India

  • The paper puts forward and substantiates the view that the concept of free public library service goes back to ancient times. Governments of those days were aware of their responsibility to provide to all citizens free information service. The study observes with reference to ancient Indian records that educational facilities and libraries were accessible to people of Ancient India without any discrimination based on economic status, caste, religion or geographical boundaries. Scholars handled the library services, perfect classification schemes were used and the way in which collections were arranged or content was organized in ancient works like Thirukkural has no equivalent in modern days. The paper evaluates the free library service systems that existed in ancient South India, the collections, access, services, the professional status of librarians and the ancient laws relating to them.
  • Raman Nair, R.
  • 1991-01-01
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
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