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Plan de fomento de la lectura en Chile: un proceso de construcción participativa.

  • Abstract: On Ibero-America most of the readings plans are based on the directives given by CERLALC into the scope of ILIMITA. The “Plan Nacional de Fomento de la Lectura” of Chile must like intention improve the reality of the reading, and it has been formulated and implemented throughout a process that extends the short term. This process includes several phases (design, development and evaluation), and must be understood like a flexible proposal that adjusts and reconstructs based on the realities on which it is operating. In that sense the plan is visualized like an instrument to make specific and to fortify the public policies of reading and to articulate the efforts of all the institutions, as much public as prevailed that work around the promotion of the book, the reading and the libraries. The present work focuses in analyzing its phases of design, implementation and present state to object to give elements that allow having a complete notion of the Plan.
  • Ramos Curd, Enrique
  • 2009-07
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • PeerReviewed
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