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Un festival pour une médiathèque ou une médiathèque pour un festival ? : Les bibliothèques municipales de Chambéry et le Festival du premier roman

  • A festival for a multimedia library or a multimedia library for a festival? The municipal libraries of Chambéry and the Festival of the first novel The Festival of the first novel and the Jean-Jacques Rousseau multimedia library are the result of a similar desire for development of reading in Chambéry at the end of the 1980s. While increasing in size and becoming institutionalised, the two organisations have in some ways become more remote. The town reading contract, signed in 2000, has been the occasion for a new coming together, which has led to some joint actions. The municipal libraries of Chambéry undoubtedly have at their disposal the most complete collection of first novels in the French language, and these are as much borrowed as comic strips.
  • Caraco, Alain
  • Gouttebaron, Sylvie
  • 2002-09
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
  • NonPeerReviewed
  • fr