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A study of the impact of on-line game emotion value creation on players’ switching behavior [in Chinese]

  • With the popularization of broadband network in Taiwan, playing online-games has become one of most popular behavior. In 2003, the Taiwan on-line game market scale is up to NT $ 88.3 hundred million. In 2004 it is NT$ 92.7 hundred million. From the above data, the Taiwan on-line game market has been growing rapidly from 2000 to 2004. Focusing on the MMORPG, players exhibit switching behavior from old games to new ones. The thesis is aimed at exploring the factors of the players in the value creation process in playing on-line games, which influence his switching decision making. The research method focuses on external factors—"core services"—combined with psychological factors such as "customer satisfaction", "emotion value" and "flow experience", to construct an empirical model to analyze the players’ switching barriers and their switching behaviors. Our research adopts the on-line game players’ emotion value factors in explaining their switching behaviors, which is different from previous related works. We take samples of Web members of Game-Based and Bahamut, which are the largest on-line game community in Taiwan, as the research objects. A total of 1749 completed questionnaires were obtained, with a response rate of 80.42 %. The explanation strength of the research model reaches 71.1%. The research scope covers the system exterior factors, players’ perception factors, emotion value factors, the switching barriers and the switching behaviors. The results indicate that the development of any information system must take into consideration user’s requirements in the emotion value. It also suggests that the human requirement for final value demand should be incorporated into information design education.
  • Chiu, Guang-Hwa
  • Chang, Yuh-Shihng
  • 2006-01-01
  • Conference Paper