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A phenomenological framework for the relationship between the semantic web and user-centered tagging systems

  • This paper uses Husserl’s theory of phenomenology to provide a model for the relationship between user-centered tagging systems, such as, and the more highly structured systems of the Semantic Web. Using three aspects of phenomenological theory—the movement of the mind out towards an entity and then back in an act of reflection, multiplicities within unity, and the sharing of intentionalities within a community—the discussion suggests that both tagging systems and the Semantic Web foster an intersubjective domain for the sharing and use of information resources. The Semantic Web, however, resembles traditional library systems, in that it relies for this intersubjective domain on the conscious implementation of domain-centered standards which are then encoded for machine processing, while tagging systems work on implied principles of emergence.
  • Campbell, D. Grant
  • 2006-01-01
  • Conference Paper