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Improving Human Welfare: The Crucial Role of Open Access

  • Developing countries are increasingly improving their capacity to use scientific and technical knowledge to solve local problems. They are investing in communication infrastructure and improving technology policies. For such measures to be effective, those countries also need greater access to the world?s pool of knowledge. Restrictions on access to scientific and health information are hindering progress, particularly in the world?s least-developed countries, and are impeding efforts toward global development. Essential information is locked away behind such barriers as journal subscription charges or individual article download fees. Journal articles are typically subject to restrictive copyright licenses that prevent reproduction, distribution, translation, or the creation of derivative works, all of which would help published work to be used for innovation. These restrictions are compounded by infrastructure inadequacies and lack of incentives for increasing the use of scientific and technologic knowledge in solving challenges in developing countries.
  • Yamey, Gavin
  • Juma, Calestous
  • 2006-01-01
  • Journal Article (Print/Paginated)
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