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Open Access Journal Systems / Online Publications Systems

  • We will look at Open Journal Systems. GAPworks, a workflow software of the project German Acadamic Publishers (GAP) will be presented. The system allows the setup of a complete publication workflow for publishing institutions including a web-based peer review. The workflow supports different review models, can be configured to meet local requirements, and can also be used as an institutional repository with an embedded OAI Data-Provider. We will also look at the SEER/OJS system of IBICT in order to find areas of overlap as well as differences in the approach. Despite these more technical presentations, we will look at strategies how to set up Open Journals and how academic researches be motivated to contribute their papers to such journals.
  • Stamerjohanns, Heinrich
  • Schlenker, Michael
  • Braun, Kim
  • 2005-01-01
  • Presentation
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