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  1. "We own it": dealing with "perpetual access" in big deals
  2. 'Mandate' is Not a Four-letter Word: Taking Open Access Scholarly Communication Forward
  3. ???????????? ????????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ?3 (SGML) ?? ?4 (XML)
  4. Automation of HKBK College of Engineeting Library and Information Centre : a case study
  5. Blogs as a Means of Preservation Selection for the World Wide Web
  6. Born Again:The digitisation of the Anthropology Photograph Archive
  7. Creating Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries Using UNESCO?s GenISIS
  8. Data for the Future: the German Project "Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive" (kopal)
  9. Data for the Future: the German Project "Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive" (kopal)
  10. Developing Digital Libraries: Need For Proper Strategies
  11. Digital Archive of Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings
  12. Digital archives : design and development
  13. Digital preservation at the British Library
  14. Digital preservation in the context of institutional repositories
  15. Digitization of indigenous materials : problems and solutions in the Context of Kerala University
  16. Establishing a UK LOCKSS Pilot Programme
  17. Experimenting with a Model Digital Library of ETDs for Indian Universities Using D-Space
  18. Kosmopolis Digital Collection
  19. Long term e-archiving
  20. MoPark Initiative, Metadata Options Appraisal (Phase I)
  21. Newspaper archives : a knowledge asset
  22. Open Access Projects at UBC Library
  23. Open Content, Open Access and Open Source?
  24. Print journal holdings in consortial projects
  25. Print journal holdings in two Canadian consortial projects
  26. SFU's Institutional Repository
  27. Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe [The EU scientific publishing study]
  28. The British Library's archiving concept and implementation
  29. The Cedars Project
  30. The Citizens? Europe: the challenges of gaining access to and preserving culture
  31. The KB e-Depot digital archiving policy
  32. The KB E-Depot: Permanent Access to the Records of Science
  33. The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and its Implications for a Research Agenda for Digital Preservation
  34. The Stanford Archival Repository Project:preserving our digital past
  35. UPCommons
  36. ?We own it? : dealing with "perpetual access" in big deals
  37. ?We own it?: dealing with "perpetual access" in big deals(handout)