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  1. "We own it" : dealing with "perpetual access" in big deals
  2. All platform digital collections presentation: A simple solution
  3. Application of information and communication technology for conservation of cultural heritage of Thalasseri
  4. Archiving Challenges of Scholarly Electronic Journals: How Do Publishers Manage Them?
  5. Archiving in the Commercial Mainstream
  6. Automation of HKBK College of Engineeting Library and Information Centre : a case study
  7. Balkan Ülkeleri Arasında Bilimsel ve Kültürel Bilgilerin Korunması ve Yönetiminde İşbirliği
  8. Blogs as a Means of Preservation Selection for the World Wide Web
  9. Born Again:The digitisation of the Anthropology Photograph Archive
  10. Capturing the Basque Web
  11. Changing Practice in a National Legal Deposit Library
  12. Creating Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries Using UNESCO’s GenISIS
  13. Data for the Future: the German Project "Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive" (kopal)
  14. Designing interoperable museum information systems
  15. Developing Digital Libraries: Need For Proper Strategies
  16. Digital Archive of Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings
  17. Digital archives : design and development
  18. Digital archiving: storing for the future
  19. Digital Curation Centre – Phase Two
  20. Digital preservation at the British Library
  21. Digitization of indigenous materials : problems and solutions in the Context of Kerala University
  22. ETD Policies, Strategies and Initiatives in India: a Critical Appraisal
  23. Experimenting with a Model Digital Library of ETDs for Indian Universities Using D-Space
  24. Kosmopolis Digital Collection
  25. Long term e-archiving
  26. Medical Information in the Networked World: Easier to find the citation, more difficult to understand the industry
  27. Metropolitan digital library services evaluation: Measures and approaches
  28. Newspaper archives : a knowledge asset
  29. Open Access to public funded research: a discussion in the context of Mahatma Gandhi University digital archives of doctoral dissertations
  30. Open Access to public funded research: a discussion in the context of Mahatma Gandhi University digital archives of doctoral dissertations
  31. Open Content, Open Access and Open Source?
  32. Planets: Integrated Services for Digital Preservation
  33. Preserve Scientific Electronic Journals: A Study of Archiving Initiatives
  34. Print journal holdings in two Canadian consortial projects
  35. Progress towards Addressing Digital Preservation Challenges
  36. The Cedars Project
  37. The Electronic Book: Evolution or Revolution?
  38. The KB e-Depot digital archiving policy
  39. The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and its Implications for a Research Agenda for Digital Preservation
  40. The Stanford Archival Repository Project:preserving our digital past
  41. Understanding the machine readable numeric record: Archival challenges, with some comments on appraisal guidelines
  42. UPCommons