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  1. A lightweight metadata quality tool
  2. A World-Wide repository: the technical challenge of E-LIS
  3. Accessing Indian university research literature : importance of ETDs in the verge of UGC-InfoNet
  4. All Change : the Ever Evolving Institutional Repository at the University of Melbourne
  5. An overview of GNU eprints
  6. Azalea : effectiveness as a result of interaction between virtual and physical resources
  7. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE): an end-user oriented institutional repository search service
  8. Brazilian open access initiatives: key strategies and challenges
  9. Capturing the Basque Web
  10. Collecting metadata from institutional repositories
  11. Collection development in digital information repositories in India
  12. Designing Webliographies in an effective and simple manner: a step by step process
  13. Developing a model for e-prints and open access journal content in UK further and higher education
  14. Developing a National Information Strategy in Scotland
  15. Digital archives : design and development
  16. DINI Institutional Repository Certification and Beyond
  17. E-LIS: the Open Archive for Library and information Science
  18. E-Print archives : a fast emerging mode of electronic communication of pre-prints
  19. Electronic theses and dissertations for Indian universities : a framework
  20. ETD Policies, Strategies and Initiatives in India: a Critical Appraisal
  21. Experimenting with a Model Digital Library of ETDs for Indian Universities Using D-Space
  22. Impact of OAI protocol in Spain, Portugal and Latin America
  23. In Oldenburg's Long Shadow : Librarians, Research Scientists, Publishers, and the Control of Scientific Publishing
  24. Indian academia on copyright and IPR issues of electronic theses and dissertations
  25. Information interoperability evaluation model for public web sites
  26. Institutional digital repositories/E-Archives : INFLIBNET’s initiative in India
  27. Institutional repositories : challenge and opportunity for LIS Professionals in digital age
  28. Institutional repositories and Open Access: the future of scholarly communication?
  29. Institutional Repositories, Open Source Options, and Libraries
  30. Introducing electronic theses and dissertations in universities : an Indian perspective
  31. Joining up "Discovery to Delivery" services
  32. La sostenibilità dei modelli di Open Access
  33. Landscape of Open Access Institutional Repositories in Spain
  34. NECOBELAC, a European project to promote the diffusion of scientific information in public health
  35. Need of a Digital Library for Indian Theses and Dissertations : a model on par with the ETD initiatives at International Level
  36. New iniciatives in biomedical scholarly communication: removing barriers, enhancing progress
  37. Open access and institutional repositories – a developing country perspective: a case study of India
  38. Open access at the University of Lyon : a comparative and disciplinary approach
  39. Open access for the medical librarian
  40. Open Access Journals: Knowledge and Attitudes among Cuban Health Researchers
  41. Open Access to public funded research: a discussion in the context of Mahatma Gandhi University digital archives of doctoral dissertations
  42. Open Access to public funded research: a discussion in the context of Mahatma Gandhi University digital archives of doctoral dissertations
  43. Open Access to scientific knowledge: a methodological model for scientific information and knowledge management at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)
  44. Open Access: the future of scholarly communication
  45. Open Archiving Opportunities for Developing Countries : towards equitable distribution of global knowledge
  46. OpenCourseware: Learning Beyond Classroom
  47. Overview of the development of open access journals and repositories in Mexico
  48. PLEIADI, a portal solution for scholarly literature
  49. Providing access to the inaccessible: a new thematic digital library for the Venice Lagoon
  50. Reassembling scholarly publishing: Institutional repositories, open access, and the process of change
  51. Scholarly publishing and open access: searching for understanding of an emerging is phenomenon
  52. Self-archiving practice and the influence of publisher policies in the social sciences
  53. Supporting and Enhancing Scholarship in the Digital Age : The Role of Open Access Institutional Repositories
  54. The institutional repository of NTUA: challenges, concerns, pilot implementation and perspectives
  55. The way to Open Access : French strategies to move forward
  56. Three Disposition Policies of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  57. UPCommons: Global Access to UPC Knowledge
  58. Usability evaluation of a multimedia archive: B@bele
  59. Using OAI-PMH and METS for exporting metadata and digital objects between repositories