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  1. 2007 Code4Lib Conference Report
  2. A Fast Counterexample Minimization Approach with Refutation Analysis and Incremental SAT
  3. A Fast Counterexample Minimization Approach with Refutation Analysis and Incremental SAT
  4. A technology overview of a complex migration from Eprints 2 to Eprints 3
  5. A Virtual Exhibition of Open Source Software for Libraries
  6. A World-Wide repository: the technical challenge of E-LIS
  7. A Z39.50 gateway implementation
  8. An experience of collaborative work : Reengineering of IsisMarc : On the way towards ABCD
  9. An exploration of the role of Canadian academic libraries in promoting academic integrity
  10. Applying Library Policies for Digital Content Access to the Commercial Sector
  11. Building a cooperative digital libary with open source software - the case of CLACSO in Latin America
  12. CUFTS: An Open Source Alternative for Serials Management
  13. dbWiz: Open Source Federated Searching for Academic Libraries
  14. DigiDocMap conceptual maps editor and topic maps norms
  15. Digital Archive of Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings
  16. Digital libraries and the blind and visually impaired
  17. Drop in: Drupal for libraries
  18. Drupal and Libraries
  19. Electronic publishing and institutional archives : utilising open-source software
  20. Herramientas de software libre para la gestión de contenidos = Open source tools for content management
  21. HyperJournal HowTo : a beginner's guide to HyperJournal 0.4
  22. HyperJournal software, PHP scripting and Semantic Web technologies for the Open Access
  23. Implementing a metasearch engine: Metalib and SFX
  24. Institutional Repositories, Open Source Options, and Libraries
  25. METALIS, an OAI Service Provider
  26. Minimizing Counterexample of ACTL Property
  27. Minimizing counterexample with Unit Core Extraction and Incremental SAT
  28. Mosio’s Text A Librarian
  29. OPAC 2.0: Opportunities, development and analysis
  30. Open source software and libraries
  31. Open source software and the library community
  32. Open source tools for content management
  33. Open your mind! Selecting and implementing an integrated library system: the open-source opportunity
  34. SDNP Virtual Library : virtual union cataloguing in Bangladesh
  35. Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians: Exploring Considerations and Engaging Participation
  36. UNESCO's free software for developing countries
  37. Using open source software Greenstone for a network of digital collections
  38. Weaving the Web of Science : HyperJournal and the impact of the Semantic Web on scientific publishing
  39. [Review of:] Harel, David: Computers Ltd.: What They Really Can’t Do. Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press, 2000. xvii, 221p., ISBN 0-19-850555-8