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  1. A 'More-Than-One-Line' Prediction
  2. A non-US non-UK perspective on OA (Open Access)
  3. A Semiotic View of Information: Semiotics as a Foundation of LIS Research in Information Behavior
  4. A survey of digital information literacy of Faculty at Sambalpur University
  5. An on-line index of Pakistan Library Bulletin : volume 1 to 33 (1968 to 2002)
  6. China : a Country Report
  7. Communication regimes: A conceptual framework for examining IT and social change in organizations
  8. Compendium of select government reports on library & information services in India
  9. DC2007 ‘Application Profiles: Theory and Practice’
  10. Development of an Academic Database and Network
  11. EBL and Library Assessment : Two Solitudes?
  12. Electronic Resources: which are worth preserving & what is their role in library collections? [English version presented at the International Conference] = Le risorse elettroniche: quali vale la pena di conservare e qual è il loro ruolo nelle raccolte della biblioteca? [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  13. Establishing Scientometric Database for Harnessing Expertise and Information Sources
  14. Finding Human Rights in Library and Information Work
  15. Free and Open Source Software for Development
  16. Information Societies and Digital Divides
  17. Knowledge management and the information professional
  18. Knowledge scenarios
  19. Knowledge Technologies
  20. Knowware: the third star after Hardware and Software
  21. Library & information science research in pakistani universities
  22. Licensing principles for electronic resources
  23. LISTen: The Podcast (Episode #1)
  24. Los tesauros y las ontologías en la Biblioteconomía y la Documentación = Thesauruses and ontologies
  25. On the Road Again: A Conversation with Jill Emery
  26. OPAC 2.0: Opportunities, development and analysis
  27. Peer Review in the On-line Era
  28. Periodical literature in Library and Information Science : an index of 50 years’ work in Pakistan (1947-1997)
  29. Questioning LibQUAL+: Critiquing its Assessment of Academic Library Effectiveness
  30. Reassessing Conventional Paradigms for Document Description [Version presented at the International Conference]
  31. Screw Cap or Cork? Keeping Tags Fresh (and Related Matters)
  32. Sticking to practical predictions
  33. The Open Access Association? EAHIL’s new model for sustainability
  34. What is Community Informatics (and Why Does It Matter)?
  35. Who Should Manage Information Technology Development in Universities?
  36. Zebra-User's Guide and Reference
  37. [Name Withheld]: Anonymity and Its Implications