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  1. Archiving scientific literature : an experience with e-prints archive software
  2. Are Library and Information Science Journals Becoming More Internationalized? A Longitudinal Study of Authors' Geographical Affiliations in 20 LIS Journals from 1981 to 2003
  3. Awareness and empowerment in document production and distribution as a "must" for open access: Experiences from the "Nancy style" to guarantee quality
  4. Bioline international and the journal of post-graduate medicine : a collaborative approach to open access publishing
  5. Determining Place Regulations on the Internet: Burning the Global Village to Roast the Pig
  6. Digital access to government information: To what extent are agencies in compliance with EFOIA?
  7. Disclosing Freedom of Information Releases
  8. Enriching GoldRush with core subject Open Access journals: motives and methods
  9. Establishing a national strategy for the provision and use of e-books in UK academic libraries
  10. Going Beyond Counting First Authors in Author Co-citation Analysis
  11. Google Book Search and the University of Michigan
  12. Identification, selection and licensing of electronic resources within library consortia: the case of Germany-Bavaria [English summary of the version presented at the International Conference] = Identificazione, selezione e licensing di risorse elettroniche nei consorzi bibliotecari: il caso della Baviera [Riassunto in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  13. Licensing principles for electronic resources
  14. Managing Expectations for Open Access in Greece : Perceptions from the Publishers and Academic Libraries
  15. Open Access Publishing in High-Energy Physics
  16. Open knowledge and education at the new level of web paradigm
  17. Retrieving e-Health Research: The Challenge of Accessing the Knowledge
  18. Right to Information, Information Literacy and Libraries