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  1. A repository of our own: the E-LIS e-prints archive
  2. A topsy turvy e-world
  3. Alfabetización digital: un peldaño hacia la sociedad de la información
  4. An archive of physics: 130 years of scientific research online
  5. Archivierung von landeskundlichen Netzpublikationen: ein Projekt der Rheinischen Landesbibliothek und des Hochschulbibliothekszentrums Köln
  6. Are Library and Information Science Journals Becoming More Internationalized? A Longitudinal Study of Authors' Geographical Affiliations in 20 LIS Journals from 1981 to 2003
  7. Awareness and empowerment in document production and distribution as a "must" for open access: Experiences from the "Nancy style" to guarantee quality
  8. Bazy bibliograficzne i pełnotekstowe w kontekście otwartej nauki
  9. Between a rock and a hard place: the big squeeze for small publishers
  10. Beyond the Patriot Act: Rulings from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and their Effects on Canadian Libraries
  11. Beyond the Patriot Act: Rulings from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and their Effects on Canadian Libraries and Researchers
  12. Bibliotheksrecht 2004/2005
  13. Cómo auditar el cumplimiento de la LORTAD/LOPD/Reglamento de Seguridad = How to control the fulfillment of LORTAD/LOPD/Security regulation
  14. Cómo realizar una comunicación científica. Aspectos lingüísticos (II)
  15. Cómo realizar una comunicación científica. Aspectos tipográficos (III)
  16. Comunicação extensiva e a linguagem plástica dos documentos em rede
  17. Conception d'une archive ouverte en SIC : le sens de la technique
  18. Convergencia de jurisdicciones sobre propiedad intelectual
  19. 网络出版、电子图书馆和虚拟图书馆
  20. Das Aussterben einer unbekannten Nutzungsart
  21. Digital access to government information: To what extent are agencies in compliance with EFOIA?
  22. Digital archiving at Elsevier
  23. Digital identifiers : the new ISBNs
  24. Digital Rights Management: problemi teorici e prospettive applicative
  25. E-LIS : E-prints in Library and Information Science
  26. E-LIS : ένα ηλεκτρονικό αρχείο για την βιβλιοθηκονομία και την επιστήμη της πληροφόρησης
  27. Easily accessible content and linking
  28. El tratamiento de los datos personales en Internet
  29. Electronic publishing in academic environments: the FIGARO project
  30. Enriching GoldRush with core subject Open Access journals: motives and methods
  31. Establishing a national strategy for the provision and use of e-books in UK academic libraries
  32. From here to there: a proposed mechanism for transforming journals from closed to open access
  33. Full text linking at Loughborough University Library : a user perspective
  34. Globalization and scholarly communication : a story of Canadian marginalization
  35. Going Beyond Counting First Authors in Author Co-citation Analysis
  36. Google Book Search and the University of Michigan
  37. Guidelines for the creation of institutional repositories at universities and higher education institutions = Directrices para la creación de repositorios institucionales en universidades y organizaciones de educación superior = Diretrizes para criação dos repositórios institucionais nas universidades e organizações de educação superior
  38. Identification, selection and licensing of electronic resources within library consortia: the case of Germany-Bavaria [English summary of the version presented at the International Conference] = Identificazione, selezione e licensing di risorse elettroniche nei consorzi bibliotecari: il caso della Baviera [Riassunto in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  39. Improving Human Welfare: The Crucial Role of Open Access
  40. Is open access the solution?
  41. Το πρόγραμμα ψηφιακής αναζήτησης "Google Library Project" και τα δικαιώματα πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας εκδοτών και συγγραφέων
  42. La Cina fotocopia il mondo : presto la più grande raccolta mai esistita sarà disponibile nelle biblioteche
  43. La letteratura grigia nella comunicazione scientifica: il "Nancy style" per garantire la qualità editoriale dei rapporti tecnici
  44. La lunga ombra di Oldenburg : i bibliotecari, i ricercatori, gli editori e il controllo dell'editoria scientifica [Per la pubblicità del sapere : i bibliotecari, i ricercatori, gli editori e il controllo dell'editoria scientifica]
  45. La publicación médica en España: crónica del curso (El Escorial, Madrid, Spain, 12 July 2005)
  46. Libri elettronici : problemi e prospettive
  47. Licensing principles for electronic resources
  48. Links add value to research publications
  49. New Schemes in Electronic Publishing in Physics: Comments on the Workshop at CERN
  50. Non-commercial journals: the role of the scientific societies
  51. Ohne Web 2.0 keine Bibliothek 2.0
  52. Open access : one more challenge, one more opportunity
  53. Open Access : sustainable business models and ethical imperatives
  54. Open Access Publishing in High-Energy Physics
  55. Open Access. Freier Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Publikationen - das Paradigma der Zukunft?
  56. Open Educational Practices and Resources : OLCOS Roadmap 2012
  57. Optimierungspotenziale bei der praktischen Umsetzung von Open Access
  58. Paradigmi emergenti della scholarly communication
  59. Participation in the global knowledge commons : challenges and opportunities for research dissemination in developing countries
  60. Peer Review in the On-line Era
  61. Possible models of scholarly publishing and library role
  62. Publishing in Catalan in the Camp de Tarragona
  63. Recensione: Ginevra Peruginelli, Multilinguismo e sistemi di accesso all'informazione giuridica. Giuffrè, 2009 ISBN 8814148740
  64. Requisiti di uniformità per manoscritti presentati a riviste biomediche: scrittura e redazione di pubblicazioni biomediche. Edizione 2008 dell’International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Traduzione italiana.
  65. Retrieving e-Health Research: The Challenge of Accessing the Knowledge
  66. Right to Information, Information Literacy and Libraries
  67. RoMEO Studies 2: How academics wish to protect their open-access research paper
  68. RoMEO Studies 3: How academics expect to use open-access research papers
  69. RoMEO Studies 4: An analysis of Journal publishers' Copyright Agreements
  70. RoMEO Studies 5: IPR issues for OAI Data and Service Providers
  71. RoMEO Studies 6: Rights metadata for open-archiving
  72. Scholarly communication in the 21st century : the impact of new technologies and models
  73. Submission to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's Inquiry into Scientific Publications
  74. The Budapest Open Access Initiative
  75. The Effects of Electronic Access to Scientific Literature in the Consortium of Turkish University Libraries
  76. The Information Industry
  77. The Intellectual Property Rights Issues Facing Self-archiving: Key Findings of the RoMEO Project
  78. The JISC's FAIR Programme: disclosing and sharing institutional assets
  79. The next information revolution : how open access repositories and journals will transform scholarly communications
  80. The Past is a different database : they do things differently there
  81. The role of bibliographic databases in the resource discovery and linking process
  82. The technology of Open Access
  83. Two roads, one destination : the interaction of self archiving and open access journals
  84. XXXVIII Jornadas Mexicanas de Biblioteconomía
  85. [Copyright and licensing issues : the International Commons]
  86. [Review of:] Ludwig Delp (Hrsg.): Das Buch in der Informationsgesellschaft. Ein buchwissenschaftliches Symposion, Wiesbaden 2006
  87. [Review of:] Monika Estermann - Ursula Rautenberg (Hrsg.): Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens 60 (2006), München 2006
  88. 应该实现书目信息资源的共建与共享 — 我对可供书目的一些看法