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  1. Agricultural library and information development in Botswana : a profile
  2. An Unique Document on College Library Development
  3. Commercial Services for Providing Authority Control: Outsourcing the Process [English version presented at the International Conference] = I servizi commerciali per l?authority control: dare in gestione il processo [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  4. Development of an information system for regional literature and culture with INFLIBNET support
  5. DINI certificate : document and publication repositories
  6. E-Infrastructure for the European Research Area : a Roadmap
  7. Electronic journals and users : the CIBER experience in Italy
  8. Establishment of Kerala Agricultural University Campus Wide Information System and Network: Feasibility Report
  9. Expert Committee on College Libraries
  10. Expert Committee on School Libraries
  11. Expert Committee on Staff Pattern for Kerala Agricultural University Library and Information System (KAULIS)
  12. Factors Influencing Competency Perceptions and Expectations of Technical Services Administrators
  13. Fontes de informa??o utilizadas por executivos
  14. Fostering Technical Innovation in Libraries
  15. Half full: the improving state of scholarly publishing
  16. Identification, selection and licensing of electronic resources within library consortia: the case of Germany-Bavaria [English summary of the version presented at the International Conference] = Identificazione, selezione e licensing di risorse elettroniche nei consorzi bibliotecari: il caso della Baviera [Riassunto in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  17. Improving the school library for IB Diploma students: a case study at The British International School, Jakarta
  18. INFLIBNET: Vision 2020 ? Dissolving the Digital Divide in Indian Higher Education Scenrio
  19. Information Services: Customer Intelligence and Strategic Planning
  20. Internet and Electronic Information Management
  21. Interpersonal skills for effective library management
  22. Introduction
  23. Joy committee and qualitative aspects of College Librarianship
  24. Knowledge management : generalisation to specialisation of social science information databases
  25. Knowledge organisation systems : TISS case study
  26. Librarianship: A Challenging Profession
  27. Library movement and development process in Kerala
  28. On the open access strategy of the Max Planck Society
  29. Open access citation index
  30. Peer-review alternatives for preprints, mechanisms
  31. Practical Community Development Projects for Small Libraries
  32. Principles for Framing Public Library Acts
  33. Qualitative Development of College Library Collections
  34. Reforms required in Kerala Public Library Act 1989
  35. Revitalization of College Libraries with Computer Assistance
  36. Role and Status of College Librarians : Comparative Analysis of Ranganathan, Mehrotra and Joy Committee Reports
  37. Service providers: future perspectives
  38. Strategic issues in training and development in the IT service industry at Kolkata Region : a study
  39. Strategic plans for designing information systems under local government
  40. Sustainability for digital libraries
  41. Tesina "Library Management" Curso de Post-Grado Management Estrat?gico Universidad de Belgrano Buenos Aires - Argentina Ciclo 2006
  42. The appraisal process as a way to integrate the archival point of view in the planning, creation and use of electronic records and automated systems. A case study
  43. The appraisal process as a way to integrate the archival point of view in the planning, creation and use of electronic records and automated systems. A case study.
  44. The evaluation of electronic resources as a strategic factor in the decision making process: tools, critical points, feasible solutions
  45. The Integration of electronic records into a records management system: the process of cost optimization
  46. The JISC FAIR Programme : opening up access to institutional assets
  47. The JISC's FAIR Programme: disclosing and sharing institutional assets
  48. The Management of Science and Engineering Collections at Medium-Sized Research Universities in the Midst of New Technology
  49. Towards a Future-safe Library
  50. Towards Sustainable Development
  51. Twenty centuries of mathematics : digitizing and disseminating the past mathematical literature
  52. Two roads, one destination : the interaction of self archiving and open access journals
  53. University of Zambia Library as the National Reference Library of Zambia
  54. What do scientific authors want? Attracting scientists to institutional repositories
  55. Whither Academic Information Services in the Perfect Storm of the Early 21st-century?
  56. Who Should Manage Information Technology Development in Universities?
  57. Wprowadzenie do QA i TQM w odniesieniu do instytucji biblioteczno-informacyjnych = An Introduction into Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management with reference to library and information institutions