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  1. A global perspective on library association codes of ethics
  3. A role for faculty in academic collection development
  4. A study of outsourcing and externalisation by libraries with additional reference to the museums and archives domains : Library and Information Commission Research Report 132
  5. Agricultural library and information development in Botswana : a profile
  6. All Search Platform are Created Equal...Myth or Reality?
  7. An Indomitable Spirit: The Eight Hundred of CUPE 391
  8. An Unique Document on College Library Development
  9. Development of an information system for regional literature and culture with INFLIBNET support
  10. DINI certificate : document and publication repositories
  11. e-Science and its implications for the library community
  12. Efforts of Implementing TQM in the Central Library of the National Technical University of Athens
  13. Establishment of Kerala Agricultural University Campus Wide Information System and Network: Feasibility Report
  14. Evaluating the NTUA institutional repository
  15. Expert Committee on College Libraries
  16. Expert Committee on School Libraries
  17. Expert Committee on Staff Pattern for Kerala Agricultural University Library and Information System (KAULIS)
  18. Factors Influencing Competency Perceptions and Expectations of Technical Services Administrators
  19. Fostering Technical Innovation in Libraries
  20. From information to knowledge management : a critical approach on differences and common ground under the integration Rhetoric
  21. Half full: the improving state of scholarly publishing
  22. Identification, selection and licensing of electronic resources within library consortia: the case of Germany-Bavaria [English summary of the version presented at the International Conference] = Identificazione, selezione e licensing di risorse elettroniche nei consorzi bibliotecari: il caso della Baviera [Riassunto in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  23. Impact measures for libraries and information services
  24. Improving the school library for IB Diploma students: a case study at The British International School, Jakarta
  25. Information Services for Supporting Quality Management in Healthcare
  26. Information technology should be more broad-based [Review of: Information Technology for Participatory Development Ed. by R. Raman Nair. New Delhi, Centre for Informatics Research and Development & Concept Publishing Company, 2003]
  27. Internet and Electronic Information Management
  28. Interpersonal skills for effective library management
  29. Introduction
  30. Joy committee and qualitative aspects of College Librarianship
  31. Knowledge management : generalisation to specialisation of social science information databases
  32. Knowledge Management and TQM: An Integrated Approach to Management
  33. Knowledge organisation systems : TISS case study
  34. Librarianship and the Fulbright Fellowship: Challenges and Opportunities for American Librarians and Polish Libraries
  35. Librarianship: A Challenging Profession
  36. Library movement and development process in Kerala
  37. Licensing principles for electronic resources
  38. Managing Change : Socratic Wisdom and 30 Years in the Trenches
  39. Managing Documentary Collections Through Digitization
  40. Managing Expectations for Open Access in Greece : Perceptions from the Publishers and Academic Libraries
  41. Metropolitan digital library services evaluation: Measures and approaches
  42. Networked electronic information resources (NEIR): some instructive thoughts
  43. On the open access strategy of the Max Planck Society
  44. Open access citation index
  45. Peer-review alternatives for preprints, mechanisms
  46. Performance evaluation of academic libraries: implementation model
  47. Principles for Framing Public Library Acts
  48. Qualitative Development of College Library Collections
  49. Quality measures for libraries and information services
  50. Quality systems in LIS - The real key to quality a personal and pragmatic view
  51. Ratio analysis technique : a tool for assessing the health of a library
  52. Reforms required in Kerala Public Library Act 1989
  53. Review of: no more muddling through mastering complex projects in engineering and management
  54. Revising digital library content in response to user requests
  55. Revitalization of College Libraries with Computer Assistance
  56. Role and Status of College Librarians : Comparative Analysis of Ranganathan, Mehrotra and Joy Committee Reports
  57. Service providers: future perspectives
  58. Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians: Exploring Considerations and Engaging Participation
  59. Sticking to practical predictions
  60. Strategic plans for designing information systems under local government
  61. The coming transfiguration of academic libraries
  62. The Documentation Centre of the Catalan Data Protection Authority : Implementing information policies to obtain a successful library service = El Centro de Documentación de la Agencia Catalana de Protección de datos : Implementando políticas de información para obtener un servicio bibliotecario con éxito = Le centre de documentation de l'Autorité catalane de protection des données : L'implementation de politiques de l'information pour parvenir à un service de bibliothèque réussi = Центр документации Каталонской организации защиты информации : внедрение информационной политики для достижения успешного библиотечного обслуживания
  63. The importance of being "impact factor of Medline" for document delivery service users
  64. The JISC FAIR Programme : opening up access to institutional assets
  65. The JISC's FAIR Programme: disclosing and sharing institutional assets
  66. The Management of Science and Engineering Collections at Medium-Sized Research Universities in the Midst of New Technology
  67. The political economy of global outsourcing
  68. The pre-acquisition process: A strategy for locating and acquiring machine-readable data
  69. The Tempus Tacis Tramal Project : Ulaanbaatar - Barcelona - Dublin
  70. The use of statistics by libraries in North America
  71. Total Quality Management in Library and Information Sectors
  72. Towards Sustainable Development
  73. TQM in Greece: The Case Study of an Academic Library
  74. Twenty centuries of mathematics : digitizing and disseminating the past mathematical literature
  75. Two roads, one destination : the interaction of self archiving and open access journals
  76. University of Zambia Library as the National Reference Library of Zambia
  77. Vrednovanje rada biblioteka i procena uspešnosti njihovog poslovanja : pregled literature i predlog mogućih pokazatelja za biblioteke u Srbiji = Evaluation of library performance and estimation of the efficiency of their results : literature overview and suggestions for the possible indicators for libraries in Serbia
  78. Vrednovanje rada biblioteka i procena uspešnosti njihovog poslovanja : pregled literature i predlog mogućih pokazatelja za biblioteke u Srbiji = Evaluation of library performance and estimation of the efficiency of their results : literature overview and suggestions for the possible indicators for libraries in Serbia
  79. What do scientific authors want? Attracting scientists to institutional repositories
  80. Who Should Manage Information Technology Development in Universities?
  81. Wprowadzenie do QA i TQM w odniesieniu do instytucji biblioteczno-informacyjnych = An Introduction into Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management with reference to library and information institutions
  82. [Review of]: William Y. Arms, Digital Libraries. Cambridge, MA; London: MIT Press, 2000. x, 287p., ISBN 0-262-01180-8