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  1. 'New Lamps for Old': Current Awareness and Profile-Raising
  2. A pilot project of Cancer Patient Library in Italy: the results of a customer satisfaction survey and its products
  3. A typical classification and cataloguing practice for managing conference proceedings in a library
  4. An Italian Biomedical Publications Database
  5. arXiv, the OAI and peer review
  6. Automated treatment of electronic resources in the Scientific Information Service at CERN
  7. Bibliographic Challenges in Historical Context: Looking Back to 1982
  8. Bibliography on Constitution Parliament and Elections
  9. Bright futures : getting a sense of direction
  10. Can Web 2.0 be Used Effectively Inside Organisations?
  11. Cataloguing the internet: CATRIONA feasibility study : report to the British Library Research & Development Department
  12. Citation Index: an indispensable information retrieval tool for research and evaluation
  13. Co-uso de documentos en una biblioteca digital = Co-usage of documents in a large digital library
  14. Creating Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries Using UNESCO’s GenISIS
  15. CyberStacks(sm:A 'Library-Organized' Virtual Science and Technology Reference Collection
  16. Designing a Metadata-Enabled Namespace for Enhancing Resource Discovery in Knowledge Bases [Version presented at the International Conference]
  17. Designing a Semantic Web Path to e-Science
  18. Developing a Grid-Based Search and Categorization Tool
  19. Development of a Thesaurus as an Access Tool for the Jewish Networking Infrastructure Project [English version presented at the International Conference] = Sviluppo di un tesauro come uno strumento di accesso per il Jewish Networking Infrastructure Project [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  20. Digital watermark
  21. Distributed eprints archives and scientometrics
  22. Distributed Information Services in Physics
  23. Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic Journals
  24. EBSCOhost databases form librarians perspective : a critical approach
  25. Electronic Information Management
  26. Electronic Resources: which are worth preserving & what is their role in library collections? [English version presented at the International Conference] = Le risorse elettroniche: quali vale la pena di conservare e qual è il loro ruolo nelle raccolte della biblioteca? [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  27. Establishing Scientometric Database for Harnessing Expertise and Information Sources
  28. Experience in Computer-Assisted XML-Based Modelling in the Context of Libraries
  29. Experiences in Automatic Keywording of Particle Physics Literature
  30. Exposing and harvesting metadata using the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol : a tutorial
  31. Fine Art of Blogging - Belgrade and Beyond
  32. From dusty storage to library without walls : librarian in Wonderland
  33. From information to knowledge management : a critical approach on differences and common ground under the integration Rhetoric
  34. From INTERCAT to CORC: Cooperation in the selection and cataloguing of Web resources [English version presented at the International Conference] = Da INTERCAT a CORC: cooperazione nella selezione e catalogazione delle risorse Web [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  35. From Prototype to Deployable System: Framing the Adoption of Digital Library Services
  36. Hand-Made in Iowa: Organizing the Web Along the Lincoln Highway
  37. ICMR Research Institution Libraries : a network proposal
  38. Implementing a National Virtual Library for Higher Institutions in Nigeria
  39. Information management e ricerca scientifica : coordinate per documentare l'aerospazio. AIM-Eu : a study of aerospace information management in Europe [Information management nel settore aerospaziale. Atti del seminario svoltosi al CIRA - Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali. Capua, 22 marzo 2002]
  40. Integration and Personalization of Digital Information Services
  41. Internet and Electronic Information Management
  42. Introduction
  43. Introduction to computers
  44. Is quality of content a viable indicator for the evaluation of scientific e-commerce portals?
  45. Knowledge scenarios
  46. Known-Item Search: Variations on a Concept
  47. KVK- A Meta Catalogue for Libraries
  48. Lasers in medical applications: R&D Mapping
  49. Making sense of the information wilderness : library and information services for improvement of human rights work
  50. Management of the Videotape Collection in the CERN Library. Accessing multiple virtual collections from a unique bibliographic record = Gestion de la collection des documents vidéo à la bibliothèque du CERN. Accès aux multiples collections virtuelles par une unique notice bibliographique
  51. Many Hands Make Light Work : Public Collaborative OCR Text Correction in Australian Historic Newspapers
  52. Mapping the Scottish Common Information Environment, with a little help from Google
  53. Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) and related Schemes in the Digital World
  54. New dimensions of library and information services: An introspection
  55. Open Access: what does it mean for STI distribution? A brief overview of the OAI Protocol and its potential impact
  56. Organisation of information systems : an introspection of present premises, presumptions and practices
  57. Organising for digital archiving: new distribution models in the scientific information chain
  58. Photographic document as image archival document
  59. Physicists Thriving with Paperless Publishing
  60. Planning Personal Projects and Organizing Personal Information
  61. Practical application of FRBR and RDF for cataloguing, authority control and searching of relationships among electronic resources [English abridged text of the version presented at the International Conference] = Applicazione pratica di FRBR e RDF nella catalogazione, nel controllo di autorità e nella ricerca di relazioni tra le risorse elettroniche [Testo abbreviato in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  62. Preserving Electronic Resources to Warrant Public Access [English version presented at the International Conference] = Conservazione delle risorse elettroniche per garantire il pubblico accesso [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  63. Principles of identification: European perspectives [English version presented at the International Conference] = Principi di identificazione: prospettive europee [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  64. Promotion of Open Access through self-archiving in Sri Lanka: getting experiences from E-LIS
  65. Q-measures for binary divided networks: an investigation within the field of informetrics
  66. Reassessing Conventional Paradigms for Document Description [Version presented at the International Conference]
  67. Research Productivity of Tibor Braun: An Analytical Chemist - cum - Scientometrician
  68. Revitalization of College Libraries with Computer Assistance
  69. Right to Information, Information Literacy and Libraries
  70. Scientific and General Subject Classifications in the Digital World
  71. Scientometric portrait of Nobel laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
  72. Scientometric Portrait of P. M. Bhargava
  73. Screencasting as an Educational Tool
  74. Sharing knowledge : a key to lift up people life through science, experience of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  75. Social Policy Resources for Social Work: Grey Literature and the Internet
  76. Softwares for Cataloguing Digital Resources with Special Emphasis on MARCit
  77. Subject description in the Academic Metadata Format
  78. The expanding horizon of Grey Literature
  79. The IFLA Response [English version presented at the International Conference] = La risposta dell'IFLA [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  80. The ISBD(CR) and ISBD(CM): issues in cataloguing electronic continuing resources and cartographic materials [English version presented at the International Conference] = ISBD(CR) e ISBD(CM): problemi nella catalogazione delle risorse elettroniche in continuazione e dei materiali cartografici [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  81. The ISBD(ER) and New Developments in Cataloging Electronic Resources [Version presented at the International Conference]
  82. The Once and Future Library
  83. The Personalization of Information Services
  84. The SuperJournal project : data handling using SGML
  85. Towards the integral management of library collections at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)
  86. Transforming Bibliographic Data Bases into Bibliographics
  87. Turkish Librarianship: A Selected Bibliography
  88. Users satisfaction through better indexing
  89. Web based students support service for the undergraduate college students
  90. What Every Engineer Should Know about Engineering Education
  91. [Review of:] Nancy J. Williamson & Clare Beghtol Eds., Knowledge Organization and Classification in International Information Retrieval. Binghampton, NY: Haworth Information Press, 2004. 244 pp., ISBN 0-7890-2355-5, 0-7890-2354-7
  92. [Review of]: William Y. Arms, Digital Libraries. Cambridge, MA; London: MIT Press, 2000. x, 287p., ISBN 0-262-01180-8