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  1. 2007 Code4Lib Conference Report
  2. A Web-based interactive training for the selfacquisition of information retrieval skills targeting the PBL students
  3. Aigaion: a Web-based Open Source Software for Managing the Bibliographic References
  4. Ask Live! UK public libraries and virtual collaboration
  5. Assessing integrated information systems as a strategic tool to support sustainable development in british local government: the geographic information systems (Gis) case
  6. Blogging for the Distance Librarian
  7. Building the competitive intelligence knowledge: processes and activities in a corporate organisation
  8. Characteristics of the electronic journal : Library philosophy and practice
  9. Digital library research : current developments and trends
  10. Don’t write the library’s obit yet
  11. Drupal and Libraries
  12. DSpace for e-print archives
  13. Evaluating electronic information services: a toolkit for practitioners
  14. Evaluative study of major Internet bookshops
  15. Geleceğin Kütüphaneleri: Libraries of the Future
  16. Get more from your electronic resources
  17. Harnessing information technology for social scientists
  18. I, Librarian
  19. Information Architecture = Enformasyon Mimarisi
  20. Information Management in Digital Environment: A Librarian’s Perspectives
  21. Information technology and interests in scholarly communication: a discourse analysis
  22. Intelligent multimedia computer systems : emerging information resources in the network environment
  23. Internet and Electronic Information Management
  24. Introduction
  25. Knowledge management : why do we need it for corporates
  26. Metamorphosis of the scientific journal: past, present and future
  27. Moving Day: Making the Most of Your Message with RSS and Syndicated Content
  28. Network-based electronic serials
  29. Networked Information in Turkey
  30. Persistent links, one solution to a common problem
  31. Problems regarding the application of internet in the historical research
  32. Repurposed metadata : ONIX and the Library of Congress’ BEAT Program
  33. Scholarly electronic publishing on the Internet, the NREN, and the NII: charting possible futures
  34. Screencasting as an Educational Tool
  35. SIPP ACCESS: Information tools improve access to national longitudinal panel surveys
  36. Sticking to practical predictions
  37. Teaching Information Literacy with the Lerninformationssystem
  38. The Coalition for Networked Information's Acquisition-on-Demand Model: An Exploration and Critique
  39. The electronic library : a review
  40. The Evolutionary Research Process
  41. The intelligent reference information system project: a merger of CD-ROM LAN and expert system technologies
  42. The JISC Information Environment Service Registry
  43. The Public Knowledge Project and the Simon Fraser University Library: A partnership in open source and open access
  44. The reSearcher Software Suite: A Case Study of Library Collaboration and Open Source Software Development
  45. The Social Tools of Web 2.0: Opportunities for Academic Libraries
  46. The task of digital information management
  47. University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System: A Workflow System for Institutional Repositories
  48. Visualizing the Marrow of Science
  49. Whole Environment Research on Distributed and Collaborative Digital and Non-digital Networked Libraries in Scotland