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  1. A report on the closing session of the Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative and Peer Review Journals in Europe
  2. An OAI-based solution for managing data collections
  3. Aquitaine Patrimoines & Cyberdocs
  4. Archiving : UK perspective
  5. Artworld
  6. arXiv, the OAI and peer review
  7. Caltech CODA
  8. Can libraries be intermediates for the acquisition, production and presentation of scholarly information?
  9. Case study : The California Digital Library
  10. Cellule MathDoc, CCSD, two teams collaborating on promoting scientific documentation
  11. CERN Document Server: validation and OAI
  12. Checking Under the Hood : Why open source might be right for your library
  13. Cyclades: an Open Collaborative Virtual Archive Environment
  14. DARE : (a)Live and kicking!
  15. Design of the PORTA EUROPA Portal (PEP) Pilot Project
  16. DINI certificate : document and publication repositories
  17. Discovering Good Practice: Metadata and the NINCH Guide
  18. Distributed eprints archives and scientometrics
  19. Documenta Mathematica, a SPARC Partner
  20. E-BioSci a platform for e-publishing and information integration in the life sciences
  21. Economics of a new scholarly communication framework; who pays what?
  22. Establishing an institution based e-print service
  23. Flickr as a Training Tool
  24. Gaining independence through institutional repositories
  25. GNU EPrints 2 overview
  26. Harvesting and resolution methods for Building OAI-based services
  27. Introduction to the new OA-Forum online OAI-PMH Tutorial
  28. Introductory talk and presentation of the OAI-PMH 2.0
  29. La primera banda del continuum de metadatos, un nivel poco gestionado por los portales bibliotecológicos y las bibliotecas digitales
  30. MALVINE and LEAF. Perspectives of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting in European Projects and Beyond.
  31. Metasearch : authentication and authorization
  32. MPRESS and the role of MetaData in MathNet
  33. Non-commercial journals: the role of the scientific societies
  34. NSDL: OAI and a large-scale digital library
  35. OAI and OAI-PMH for absolute beginners : a non-technical introduction
  36. OAI metadata harvesting specifications
  37. OAI protocol beyond discovery metadata
  38. OAI Services Unbound : (Prometheus or Frankenstein?)
  39. OAI-PMH implementation : tutorial
  40. Online Information in Astronomy - From networking to a virtual observatory
  41. Open Access to Archives
  42. Open Archives and Intellectual Property - incompatible world views?
  43. Open Archives Forum - Technical Validation
  44. Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and peer review journals in Europe : welcome and introduction
  45. Open Archives Initiatives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Practices for the cultural heritage sector
  46. Open Archives meet Open Peer Review?
  47. Open Archiving in U.K. Universities
  48. Overview of OAI and its relation to scientific publishing in 2004
  49. Peer review : the HEP view
  50. Peer Review in the On-line Era
  51. Peer-review's future in a world of open archives : the APS point of view
  52. Prometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and tuition
  53. Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing : what are the Alternatives to Peer Review?
  54. Scientific publication process re-engineering with SciX open publication services
  55. Scientific refereeing in a distributed world and the worldwide physics network physNet
  56. SciX project: lowering the technical, economic and social barriers to open scientific publishing
  57. Searching the scientific web: Scirus & the added benefits for the scientific community
  58. Service providers: future perspectives
  59. Setting up large-scale archive networks
  60. Technical Validation Questionnaire - interim results
  61. The Chemistry preprint server : an experiment in scientific communication
  62. The Dutch Roquade project
  63. The Electronic library of mathematics
  64. The European Library: opportunities for new services
  65. The impact of e-journal access on DocDel Service activities
  66. The Intellectual Property Rights Issues Facing Self-archiving: Key Findings of the RoMEO Project
  67. The OAI and OAI-PMH: How did we get here, and where do we go from here?
  68. The OAI and OAI-PMH: where to go from here?
  69. The point of view of the commercial publisher
  70. The RePEc database about Economics
  71. The UK FAIR Programme: OAI in context
  72. Theses Alive!: an ETD management system for the UK
  73. TIPS: an integrated service provider over open archives
  74. TORII: Access to Digital Research Community
  75. Why I’m a Big Fan of Personal Information Pages (PIPs)… Or How I Can Go from Computer to Computer and Keep it All Customized
  76. [Institutional repository software options: questions and answers with the experts with representatives from ARNO, CDSware, DSpace, Fedora, GNU Eprints, i-Tor, MPG eDoc and MyCoRe]
  77. [LIBER President's message]
  78. [Library roles]