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  1. 2007 Code4Lib Conference Report
  2. A Fuzzy linguistic multi-agent model based on Semantic Web technologies
  3. A Pioneering Spirit: Using Administrative Metadata to Manage Electronic Resources
  4. A report on the closing session of the Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative and Peer Review Journals in Europe
  5. A study on the contributions of hypertext to the flux of information in an electronic medium
  6. A survey of digital information literacy of Faculty at Sambalpur University
  7. A Web-based interactive training for the selfacquisition of information retrieval skills targeting the PBL students
  8. Acceso a productos electrónicos en una red local: soluciones en la biblioteca de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
  9. Accesso a risorse distribuite in rete: esperienze della Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale] = Access to Networked Resources: Experiences at Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma [English version presented at the International Conference]
  10. An archive of physics: 130 years of scientific research online
  11. An Evalution of the Use Subject Based Information Gateways: Case Study Adam
  12. An introduction to the Open Archives Initiative and the Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
  13. An OAI-based solution for managing data collections
  14. Analisis Penerimaan Sistem Informasi Perpustakaan (SIPUS) Terpadu versi 3 (tiga) di Lingkungan Universitas Gadjah Mada
  15. Application of Information Technology in Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology, Surat
  16. Aquitaine Patrimoines & Cyberdocs
  17. Architecture and building of Medical Digital Library at NIC [of India]: What exists and what is required for MeDLib@NIC?
  18. Archivierung von landeskundlichen Netzpublikationen: ein Projekt der Rheinischen Landesbibliothek und des Hochschulbibliothekszentrums Köln
  19. Archiving : UK perspective
  20. Artworld
  21. arXiv, the OAI and peer review
  22. Ask Live! UK public libraries and virtual collaboration
  23. Automatización de los museos de Uruguay
  24. Avrupa Birliği Bilgi ve Kültür Politikaları İçinde Kütüphanelerin Rolü
  25. ¿Contribuyen las bibliotecas a la reducción de la "Brecha digital"?
  26. Bibliotecas digitales
  27. Bibliotecas virtuales para las ciencias sociales
  28. Bibliotheken als Dienstleister im Publikationsprozess. Herausforderungen und Chancen alternativer Formen des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens
  29. Bilgi Erişim Sorunu
  30. Bilgi Teknolojilerinin Belge Yönetimine Etkisi ve Elektronik Belge Yönetimi
  31. Blogging for the Distance Librarian
  32. Caltech CODA
  33. Can libraries be intermediates for the acquisition, production and presentation of scholarly information?
  34. Case study : The California Digital Library
  35. Cellule MathDoc, CCSD, two teams collaborating on promoting scientific documentation
  36. CERN Document Server Software
  37. CERN Document Server: validation and OAI
  38. Challenges of Electronic Resources: State of the Art and Unresolved Issues [English version presented at the International Conference] = Le sfide delle risorse elettroniche: stato dell’arte e problemi irrisolti [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  39. Checking Under the Hood : Why open source might be right for your library
  40. Comparison of open universities in Europe emphasizing in their library services
  41. Competencias y uso de tecnologías en sistemas de información
  42. Conception d'une archive ouverte en SIC : le sens de la technique
  43. Consideraciones sobre la edición electrónica de revistas en internet
  44. Content Management in Digital Libraries
  45. Creating Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries Using UNESCO’s GenISIS
  46. Cultural tourism: Análisis para el desarrollo de un proyecto de aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías de la información a la comercialización y difusión turística
  47. CyberStacks(sm:A 'Library-Organized' Virtual Science and Technology Reference Collection
  48. Cyclades: an Open Collaborative Virtual Archive Environment
  49. 网络出版、电子图书馆和虚拟图书馆
  50. DARE : (a)Live and kicking!
  51. DC2007 ‘Application Profiles: Theory and Practice’
  52. Der disziplinäre Volltextserver PsyDok am Sondersammelgebiet Psychologie
  53. Design of the PORTA EUROPA Portal (PEP) Pilot Project
  54. Designing a Metadata-Enabled Namespace for Enhancing Resource Discovery in Knowledge Bases [Version presented at the International Conference]
  55. Developing Information Technology Solutions in Indian Languages: Pros and Cons
  56. Development of an Academic Database and Network
  57. Die Vermittlung von Informationskompetenz als Aufgabe praktischer Bibliotheksarbeit
  58. Diffused Knowledge Immortalizes Itself. The LOCKSS Program
  59. DigiDocMap conceptual maps editor and Topic Maps norms = El editor de mapas conceptuales DigiDocMap y la norma Topic Maps
  60. Digital archiving at Elsevier
  61. Digitální knihovny - teorie a praxe
  62. DINI certificate : document and publication repositories
  63. Discovering Good Practice: Metadata and the NINCH Guide
  64. Distributed eprints archives and scientometrics
  65. Distributed Information Services in Physics
  66. Documenta Mathematica, a SPARC Partner
  67. DRM: Protección versus accesibilidad de la información digital
  68. Drupal and Libraries
  69. DSpace for e-print archives
  70. Информатизация вузовских библиотек в России и США: сравнительный анализ (Informatization of Higher School Libraries in Russia and the United States: Comparative Analysis)
  71. Современные информационные технологии в университетских библиотеках США (Modern Information Technologies in the U. S. University Libraries)
  72. Электронные библиотеки в России — тенденции, достижения и проблемы (Digital libraries in Russia — tendencies, achievements and problems)
  73. E-BioSci a platform for e-publishing and information integration in the life sciences
  74. Easily accessible content and linking
  75. Economics of a new scholarly communication framework; who pays what?
  76. El campus de la Universidad Carlos III en Second Life
  77. El software libre y las lenguas minoritarias: una oportunidad impagable
  78. Electronic library : initiative taken by Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology (SVRCET), Surat
  79. Electronic library : initiative taken by Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology (SVRCET), Surat
  80. Elektroniczne usługi informacyjne typu pytanie-odpowiedź - światowe trendy i doświadczenia bibliotek
  81. Elisa : informatização do sistema integrado de bibliotecas da univali – sibiun
  82. Entrevista amb Àlvar Garcia [Cap d'Arxius i Biblioteques de Gandia]
  83. Establishing a national strategy for the provision and use of e-books in UK academic libraries
  84. Establishing an institution based e-print service
  85. Estructuras de navegación para e-learning
  86. Evaluating electronic information services: a toolkit for practitioners
  87. Experience in Computer-Assisted XML-Based Modelling in the Context of Libraries
  88. Experiences in Automatic Keywording of Particle Physics Literature
  89. Experiencia nacional de un modelo de biblioteca virtual en Bolivia
  90. Flickr as a Training Tool
  91. Folksonomías, marcado social y filtrado social de noticias
  92. Fostering Technical Innovation in Libraries
  93. Free and Open Source Software for Development
  94. From Fulltext Documents to Structured Citations: CERN's Automated Solution
  95. From Prototype to Deployable System: Framing the Adoption of Digital Library Services
  96. Full text linking at Loughborough University Library : a user perspective
  97. Gaining independence through institutional repositories
  98. Geleceğin Kütüphaneleri: Libraries of the Future
  99. Gestores de Referencias Bibliográficas: grandes aliados
  100. Get more from your electronic resources
  101. GNU EPrints 2 overview
  102. Hand-Made in Iowa: Organizing the Web Along the Lincoln Highway
  103. Harvesting and resolution methods for Building OAI-based services
  104. ICT and education in Indonesia
  105. Impact of information technology and role of libraries in the age of information and knowledge societies
  106. Improvement of Web-based service information systems using fuzzy linguistic techniques and Semantic Web technologies
  107. Información sin fronteras: Compartición de experiencias sobre bibliotecas y centros de información
  108. Information Architecture = Enformasyon Mimarisi
  109. Information networks and library co-operation in Indonesia
  110. Information Societies and Digital Divides
  111. Infoville, anticipar el futuro como fuente de ventaja competitiva
  112. Internet and Electronic Information Management
  113. Introduction to the new OA-Forum online OAI-PMH Tutorial
  114. Introductory talk and presentation of the OAI-PMH 2.0
  115. Η υλοποίηση του μοντέλου "Ανοικτής Βιβλιοθήκης" και η αξιοποίηση πηγών διαδυκτύου απο την Geac
  116. Η ψηφιακή Βιβλιοθήκη του Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης
  117. Η επίδραση της τεχνολογίας της πληροφόρησης στις Ελληνικές ακαδημαϊκές βιβλιοθήκες και βιβλιοθηκονόμους
  118. Η εισαγωγή CD-ROM servers στις Ακαδημαϊκές Βιβλιοθήκες και η δυνατότητα πρόσβασης CD-ROMs απο το Web
  119. Ηλεκτρονικές Βιβλιοθήκες
  120. Ολοκληρωμένα πακέτα αυτοματισμού ελληνικών Βιβλιοθηκών
  121. Προμήθεια στα ηλεκτρονικά περιοδικά - Νέες προκλήσεις για τον προμηθευτη των συνδρομών - swets
  122. Πληροφοριακά τμήματα στις Ελληνικές Πανεπιστημιακές Βιβλιοθήκες
  123. Σημασιολογική Ολοκλήρωση Δεδομένων με τη χρήση Οντολογιών
  124. Υποστήριξη και Διαχείριση Χαρακτήρων από Συστήματα Βιβλιοθηκών και τα Διεθνή Βιβλιογραφικά Πρότυπα
  125. Jennifer Rowley, Richard Hartley: Organizing Knowledge: An Introduction to Managing Access to Information. 4th ed. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008. xxiv, 367 S. ISBN 978-0-7546-4431-6
  126. Knowledge management. The last frontier? / Gestión del conocimiento. ¿La última frontera?
  127. Knowledge Technologies
  128. Knowware: the third star after Hardware and Software
  129. La adopción tecnológica y sus determinantes
  130. La biblioteca pública ante la brecha digital : oportunidades y retos
  131. La construcció d’un sistema d’informació local a Internet 1998-2002
  132. La gestió de la documentació administrativa en el marc dels projectes d’administració electrònica
  133. La importància de la propietat intel·lectual per a l'avanç del català a les noves tecnologies
  134. La investigación en recuperación de información: revisión de tendencias actuales y críticas
  135. La lunga ombra di Oldenburg : i bibliotecari, i ricercatori, gli editori e il controllo dell'editoria scientifica [Per la pubblicità del sapere : i bibliotecari, i ricercatori, gli editori e il controllo dell'editoria scientifica]
  136. La perspectiva arxivística de la gestió dels documents electrònics
  137. La technologie « OpenURL » : vers une intégration accrue des ressources et services documentaires
  138. Las ventajas de la apertura
  139. Libraries in digital environment: Problems and prospects
  140. Los objetos de aprendizaje como recurso para la recuperación de información
  141. MALVINE and LEAF. Perspectives of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting in European Projects and Beyond.
  142. Método Virtual De Luchar Contra La Fobia Social
  143. Mecme Digital Library (Mediterranean Coastal Marine Environment Digital Library)
  144. Menú desplegable con un formulario Select
  145. Metasearch : authentication and authorization
  146. Modeling the Information Behaviour of Software Engineers Using a Work-Task Framework
  148. Moving Day: Making the Most of Your Message with RSS and Syndicated Content
  149. MPRESS and the role of MetaData in MathNet
  150. Multimodal Trivariate Thematic Maps with Auditory and Haptic Display
  151. Networked Information in Turkey
  152. New development in OAI (OAI-PMH2)
  153. Non-commercial journals: the role of the scientific societies
  154. NSDL: OAI and a large-scale digital library
  155. Nuclear theory and nuclear experiment e-print archives : Science Citation Index - based analysis
  156. OAI and OAI-PMH for absolute beginners : a non-technical introduction
  157. OAI metadata harvesting specifications
  158. OAI protocol beyond discovery metadata
  159. OAI Services Unbound : (Prometheus or Frankenstein?)
  160. OAI-PMH implementation : tutorial
  161. Obrazovanje na daljinu i podrška knjižnica
  162. Obrazovanje na daljinu: mogući model u području knjižnične i informacijske znanosti Hrvatske
  163. OCLC: A Review
  164. Ohne Web 2.0 keine Bibliothek 2.0
  165. Online Information in Astronomy - From networking to a virtual observatory
  166. Online oder unsichtbar : Volltextsuchen, Fulltext Teaser, die Haltung deutscher Verlage zu Open Access und eine mögliche Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Publizieren
  167. Ontología sobre economía y recuperación de información = Ontology for economics and Information Retrieval
  168. Open Access to Archives
  169. Open Archives and Intellectual Property - incompatible world views?
  170. Open Archives Forum - Technical Validation
  171. Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and peer review journals in Europe : welcome and introduction
  172. Open Archives Initiatives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Practices for the cultural heritage sector
  173. Open Archives meet Open Peer Review?
  174. Open Archiving in U.K. Universities
  175. Open Directory Project
  176. Overview of OAI and its relation to scientific publishing in 2004
  177. Pasarelas temáticas en internet: un modelo de directorio basado en la aplicación de técnicas documentales
  178. Peer review : the HEP view
  179. Peer Review in the On-line Era
  180. Peer-review's future in a world of open archives : the APS point of view
  181. Persistent links, one solution to a common problem
  182. Practical application of FRBR and RDF for cataloguing, authority control and searching of relationships among electronic resources [English abridged text of the version presented at the International Conference] = Applicazione pratica di FRBR e RDF nella catalogazione, nel controllo di autorità e nella ricerca di relazioni tra le risorse elettroniche [Testo abbreviato in italiano della versione presentata alla Conferenza internazionale]
  183. Proceedings Transborder Library Forum 2007 : bridging the digital divide : crossing all borders = Memorias Foro Transfronterizo de Bibliotecas 2007 : cerrando la brecha digital : cruzando todas las fronteras
  184. Programari lliure en el sector públic = Software libre en el sector público
  185. Programari lliure i llengües minoritzades: una oportunitat impagable
  186. Prometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and tuition
  187. Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing : what are the Alternatives to Peer Review?
  188. Racó Català
  189. Rad u digitalnoj knjižnici
  190. Recensione a: Information literacy meets Library 2.0
  191. Recensione a: Internet searching and indexing: the subject approach, Alan R. Thomas, James R. Shearer editors. Binghampton: The Haworth Information Press, 2000
  192. Recensione a: Maria Cristina Bassi. La catalogazione delle risorse informative in Internet. Milano: Editrice Bibliografica, 2002
  193. Resource Selection and Data Fusion in Distributed Multimedia Digital Libraries: The MIND Approach
  194. Retos y herramientas del bibliotecario en la era de la gestión del conocimiento
  195. Revealing a new Dynamic: Interaction in an Open Access Archive
  196. Sabem compartir la informació? L'agenda col.lectiva en línia
  197. Scientific publication process re-engineering with SciX open publication services
  198. Scientific refereeing in a distributed world and the worldwide physics network physNet
  199. SciX project: lowering the technical, economic and social barriers to open scientific publishing
  200. Screencasting as an Educational Tool
  201. Searching the scientific web: Scirus & the added benefits for the scientific community
  202. Service providers: future perspectives
  203. Serviciile electronice din bibliotecile universitare in sustinerea studiului si cercetarii
  204. Servicios bibliotecarios en las bibliotecas digitales
  205. Setting up large-scale archive networks
  206. Sistemas de Recomendación Semánticos. Un análisis del estado de la cuestión
  207. Soc.Culture.Catalan
  208. Software livre no setor público
  209. Software para trabajo en grupo
  210. Spring Event: 21st century information professionals
  211. Sticking to practical predictions
  212. Strategien für die digitale Bibliothek
  213. Türkiye İçin Bir Enformasyon Politikasının Ana Ögeleri Neler Olmalı?
  214. Technical Validation Questionnaire - interim results
  215. TESTLAB = Δοκιμές συστημάτων με χρήση τηλεματικής για την πρόσβαση των τυφλών και περιορισμένης όρασης αναγνωστών στις βιβλιοθήκες. Σύντομη περίληψη του έργου
  216. Text retrieval software for the Web = Bases de datos documentales en el web: análisis del software para su publicación
  217. The appraisal process as a way to integrate the archival point of view in the planning, creation and use of electronic records and automated systems. A case study.
  218. The Chemistry preprint server : an experiment in scientific communication
  219. The dark side of Google: luci e ombre di google…
  220. The Decomate II Current Awareness Service
  221. The Dutch Roquade project
  222. The Electronic library of mathematics
  223. The European Library: opportunities for new services
  224. The Evolutionary Research Process
  225. The Intellectual Property Rights Issues Facing Self-archiving: Key Findings of the RoMEO Project
  226. The Library in the card : results from DECOMATE project and current developments at UAB
  227. The OAI and OAI-PMH: How did we get here, and where do we go from here?
  228. The OAI and OAI-PMH: where to go from here?
  229. The Once and Future Library
  230. The Past is a different database : they do things differently there
  231. The point of view of the commercial publisher
  232. The RePEc database about Economics
  233. The Scottish Distributed Digital Library
  234. The Semantic Architecture for Chinese Cultural Celebrities’ Manuscript Library
  235. The Social Tools of Web 2.0: Opportunities for Academic Libraries
  236. The UK FAIR Programme: OAI in context
  237. Theses Alive!: an ETD management system for the UK
  238. TIPS: an integrated service provider over open archives
  239. Torii, an Open Portal over Open Archives
  240. TORII: Access to Digital Research Community
  241. Tratamiento de los objetos de información en los archivos : retos y estándares para la descripción basada en metadatos
  242. Uloga sveučilišnih knjižnica u ostvarivanju koncepta e-sveučilišta
  243. Un solo menú para toda la Web
  244. Using Wikis to Create Online Communities
  245. Utilidades del certificado digital Izenpe en las bibliotecas públicas de Euskadi
  246. Valoración y selección de documentos electrónicos : principios y aplicaciones
  247. Verso la Biblioteca digitale della scienza e della tecnica: un racconto della giornata del 16 giugno 2004
  248. Virtuelizacija kao psihološki fenomen - uz osvrt sa stanovišta bibliotekarstva
  249. Visual elements in search and information retrieval systems = Elementos visuales en sistemas de búsqueda y recuperación de información
  250. Wdrożenie systemów zarządzania treścią w bibliotekach
  251. Wege zur psychologischen Fachinformation
  252. What is Community Informatics (and Why Does It Matter)?
  253. Who Should Manage Information Technology Development in Universities?
  254. Why I’m a Big Fan of Personal Information Pages (PIPs)… Or How I Can Go from Computer to Computer and Keep it All Customized
  255. WINISIS – A Practical Guide: In Hindi Language
  256. World wide knowledge : Disseminazione elettronica dei saperi
  257. XXXVIII Jornadas Mexicanas de Biblioteconomía
  258. You're invited: XML's fifth birthday celebration
  259. Z39.50
  260. Z39.88-2004 : The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services : The Key/Encoded-Value (KEV) Format Implementation Guidelines
  261. [Institutional repository software options: questions and answers with the experts with representatives from ARNO, CDSware, DSpace, Fedora, GNU Eprints, i-Tor, MPG eDoc and MyCoRe]
  262. [LIBER President's message]
  263. [Library roles]
  264. [Review of:] New Directions in Cognitive Information Retrieval. Ed. by Amanda Spink and Charles Cole. Dordrecht: Springer, 2005. viii, 250 S., ISBN 1-4020-4013-X
  265. [The relationship between OAI-PMH and Dublin Core: required, recommended or other?]
  266. 图书馆 : 怎样迎接知识经济的挑战
  267. 中国图书馆自动化的走向