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  1. "Don't forget to put the cat out" - or why collaborative authoring software and everyday writing pass one another by
  2. A Collection of Visual Thesauri for Browsing Large Collections of Geographic Images
  3. A Comparison of Subject and Institutional Repositories in Self-archiving Practices
  4. A Geographical Knowledge Representation System (GKRS)for Multimedia Geospatial Retrieval and Analysis
  5. A Parallel Computing Approach to Creating Engineering Concept Spaces for Retrieval: The Illinios Digital Library Initiative Project
  6. A Phenomenological Study of an Emergent National Digital Library, Part I: Theory and Methodological Framework
  7. A Phenomenological Study of an Emergent National Digital Library, Part II: The Narratives of Development
  8. A RDF-based Digital Library System
  9. Afghanistan Digital Library Initiative: Revitalizing an Integrated Library System
  10. An Integrated High Availability Computing Platform
  11. “It’s the journey and the destination”: Shape and the emergent property of genre in evaluating digital documents
  12. Building a cooperative digital libary with open source software
  13. Building Large-Scale Digital Libraries
  14. Concept-based searching and browsing: a geoscience experiment
  15. Creating a Large-Scale Content-Based Airphoto Image Digital Library
  16. Digital Libraries: Social Issues and Technological Advances
  17. Digital Libraries: Technological Advances and Social Impacts
  18. Digital Library Archeology: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Library Use through Artifact-Based Evaluation
  19. Digital Reference Triage: An Investigation Using the Delphi Method into the Factors Influencing Question Routing and Assignment
  20. Exploring the use of concept spaces to improve medical information retrieval
  21. Federated Search of Scientific Literature
  22. Federating diverse collections of scientific literature
  23. ICTS: A catalyst for enriching the learning process and library services in India
  24. Institutional Shaping of Cultural Memory: Digital Library as Environment for Textual Transmission
  25. Instruments of cognition: Use of Citations and Web Links in Online Teaching Materials
  26. New technology and the reading process
  27. The Basis for Bibliomining: Frameworks for Bringing Together Usage-Based Data Mining and Bibliometrics through Data Warehousing in Digital Library Services
  28. The Digital Library as Place
  29. The Preservation of Digital Content
  30. TIME - A Multi-levelled framework for evaluating and designing digital libraries
  31. User analysis in HCI: the historical lesson from individual differences research
  32. Using digital libraries to provide online access to social science journals in Latin America
  33. Why structure and genre matter to users of digital information: a longitudinal study with readers of a web-based newspaper