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  1. A Veritable Treat [Review of: People’s Library Movement by R. Raman Nair]
  2. Agricultural library and information development in Botswana : a profile
  3. Analyzing and understanding cultural differences : experiences from education in Library and Information Studies
  4. Beware publishers bearing gifts : why the "big deal" is a bad deal for universities
  5. Bridging cultural diversity through e-mail
  6. Consortium Approach to E-Resource Sharing - A Case Study
  7. Consortium approach to e-resource sharing – a case study
  8. Digital Libraries on INTERNET as a key for the upgrading of information and library services
  9. Focus on Agricultural Information Transfer
  10. Information resources and services on aqua sciences and fisheries in India
  11. Information Resources on agricultural economics: A study with special reference to Kerala
  12. KAU on the Springboard to Cyberspace
  13. Kerala Karshika Sarvakalasala Granthalya Vijnana Vitharana Samvithanam
  14. Learning From Our Experiments : The Remarkable Implications of OhioLINK and HEAL-Link Electronic Use Data for Collection Development
  15. Library acts in Indian States : a comparative assessment
  16. Library consortia in France [Paper presented at the AIDA-ECIA international seminar: Electronic publications. A problem of quality and access. Siena, Certosa di Pontignano, 1999-10-05]
  17. Library consortia model for country wide access of electronic journals and databases
  18. Positioning librarians as essential to the new Virtual Learning Environments
  19. Procuring Electronic information through consortia : current trends in India
  20. Promoting European Documentation Centers in Academic Institutions: Best practices of EDCs fostering Academic cooperation
  21. Public libraries and the consortium purchase of electronic resources
  22. Publishing solutions for contemporary scholars: The library as innovator and partner
  23. Reduction of duplicate scientific Journal titles in Greek libraries: an economic assessment
  24. Regional and cross-sectorial approaches to library provision
  25. Resource sharing : need for bridging gap between idealistic theoretical slogans and practitioners' lax
  26. Resource Sharing Among ISRO Libraries : a Case Study of Consortia Approach
  27. Resource Sharing Networks for Higher Education at State Level
  28. Role of conspectus in collection management and resource sharing
  29. Team Effectiveness in Virtual Environments: An Ecological Approach
  30. Team Effectiveness in Virtual Environments: An Ecological Approach
  31. The Factors Influencing Interlibrary Loan among Iranian Medical Sciences Libraries
  32. The Impact of ANKOS: Consortium Development in Turkey
  33. The impact of the electronic journals access on the inter-library loan of the hospital libraries: Analysis of four health sciences libraries
  34. The importance of being "impact factor of Medline" for document delivery service users
  35. The interlibrary loan network in Greece : a model that survives in the digital era
  36. Tri-Institutional Library Support: A Lesson in Forced Collaboration
  37. UGC-Inflibnet iniatiatives in e-journal consortia and digital library of doctoral theses for Indian universities
  38. Working Together: Effective Collaboration in a Consortium Environment