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  1. Cambio estructural en el flujo del conocimiento : la comunicaci?n electr?nica
  2. Sharing knowledge : a key to lift up people life through science, experience of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  3. El desarrollo humano en el dise?o de pol?ticas bibliotecarias
  4. ?tica de la comunicaci?n
  5. ?Debemos tomarnos en serio la desintermediaci?n?
  6. Las nuevas formas de comunicaci?n de la administraci?n con el ciudadano
  7. Humanizaci?n de la revoluci?n de la informaci?n
  8. Hacia el cibergobierno : evoluci?n de la administraci?n local de la Regi?n de Murcia en Internet (1997-2002)
  9. La alfabetizaci?n informacional dentro de las pol?ticas nacionales sobre tecnolog?as de la informaci?n y comunicaci?n (TICs): la cultura de la informaci?n, una dimensi?n ausente
  10. Comunicazione scientifica e modello multicanale
  11. Bibliometric Analysis of Indian Forester: 1991-2000
  12. The 'green' and 'gold' roads to open access : the case for mixing and matching
  13. Development of an Automation Software for Reconciliation of INIS/ETDE Thesauruses
  14. Journal of Natural Rubber Research 1987-1996: A ten-year bibliometric study
  15. Linking in e-journals : a case study
  16. Evaluation of books as research outputs in history of medicine
  17. Citation Analysis of the Indian Journal of Information, Library and Society
  18. Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science 1996-2000: A Bibliometric Study
  19. El conocimiento global: un reto para las bibliotecas
  20. El conocimiento global : un reto para las bibliotecas
  21. Recursos en Intenet y acceso al documento
  22. Growth of research in oilseeds and collaboration trends: A case study
  23. Informetrics on accidents and trauma
  24. Information use by library professionals : a scientometric analysis
  25. Ethnobotany Journal: A Ten Year Bibliometric Study
  26. Per un codice deontologico delle pubblicazioni in Rete : riflessioni e proposte
  27. Need for Open Access mandate for the UK reinforced by Southampton workshop
  28. Dissemina??o da pesquisa em ci?ncia da informa??o e biblioteconomia no Brasil
  29. O c?rculo vicioso que prende os peri?dicos nacionais
  30. Ley de acceso a la informaci?n p?blica, bibliotecarios y archivistas = Mexican freedom of information act, librarians and archivists
  31. ?D?nde quedaron los administradores del acceso a la informaci?n en la nueva Ley de Acceso a la Informaci?n?
  32. Liberaci?n de la informaci?n como condici?n de la liberaci?n del acceso a la informaci?n
  33. A efici?ncia t?cnica e econ?mica e a viabilidade de produtos e servi?os de informa??o.
  34. Desafios na constru??o de uma biblioteca digital
  35. Tecnolog?as, redes y comunicaci?n interpersonal. Efectos en las formas de la comunicaci?n digital
  36. Gli atenei italiani per l'Open Access : verso l'accesso aperto alla letteratura di ricerca
  37. In Oldenburg's Long Shadow : Librarians, Research Scientists, Publishers, and the Control of Scientific Publishing
  38. Wandel der Informationsvermittlung in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken : M?glichkeiten neuer Produkte und Dienstleistungen
  39. Kl?ster als Wissensvermittler im Raum Tirol, die sich seit der S?kularisation durch Joseph II. in ihrer Rolle behaupten
  40. Momentaufnahme und Entwicklungspotential von Open Access als alternative Publikationsstruktur an wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen in ?sterreich
  41. La secci?n hernandiana de la Biblioteca P?blica de Orihuela
  42. Archivi aperti. [Dibattito televisivo]
  43. Acimed en el a?o 2004: ???
  44. Die Positionierung einer zweisprachigen Internetzeitung unter besonderer Ber?cksichtigung der Bed?rfnisse der ungarischen Volksgruppe im Burgenland
  45. Information technology and interests in scholarly communication: a discourse analysis
  46. Pretra?ivanje uzajamnog kataloga
  47. E-LIS : Open-Access-Archiv f?r Literatur zum Informations- und Bibliothekswesen
  48. Open access : basics and benefits
  49. Measuring the Global Research Environment: Information Science Challenges for the 21st Century
  50. Open Access: Unlocking the Value of Scientific Research
  51. Are Library and Information Science Journals Becoming More Internationalized? A Longitudinal Study of Authors' Geographical Affiliations in 20 LIS Journals from 1981 to 2003
  52. Covert censorship in libraries : a discussion paper
  53. Publication productivity of the Bio-organic division at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre : a scientometric study
  54. Scientometric Dimensions of Innovation Communication Productivity of the Chemistry Division at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  55. The way to Open Access : French strategies to move forward
  56. Review of exploring the contexts of information behaviour. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Research in Information needs, seeking and use in different contexts, Sheffield, 1998. T.D. Wilson, D.K. Allen eds. Taylor Graham, London - Los Angeles, 1999. 655 pp. ISBN 094756875 ? 65.000
  57. Scientometric Portrait of Prof. S. Ramaseshan
  58. Upravljanje otvorenim arhivom : primjer ELIS-a
  59. Metadata characteristics as predictors for editor selectivity in a current awareness service
  60. International researchers and open access [UK Researchers OA Survey]
  61. Open Access : Developing a National Information Strategy in Scotland
  62. Open Access Institutional Repositories in UK Universities
  63. E-Science and Open Access
  64. The DFG Study of Author Experience of Open Access
  65. Improving access to academic content : JISC working for UK teaching and research [The road to open access : a guide to the implementation of the Berlin Declaration]
  66. Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe [The EU scientific publishing study]
  67. OA @ Max Planck Society [The OA Policy of the Max-Planck Society, Germany]
  68. Reposit?rium : the Institutional Repository and Minho University OA Policy [OA Progress at U. Minho, Portugal]
  69. Open Access progress in the Nordic Countries [OA Progress in Scandinavia]
  70. Open Access progress at CERN: technical implementation [OA Progress at CERN, Switzerland]
  71. Scholarly communication in Japan : open access etc as of 2005 [OA Progress in Japan]
  72. Berlin III Status Report : OA progress in Italy
  73. Open Access Activities within Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  74. DINI and the Berlin declaration
  75. DARE, The Voyage Begun
  76. The OA Policy of Southampton University, UK : the "Keystroke" Strategy [Putting the Berlin Principle into Practice : the Southampton Keystroke Policy]
  77. The way to open resources [The OA Policy of CNRS, France]
  78. Inserm : Institut national de la sant? e de la recherche m?dicale [The OA Policy of INSERM, France]
  79. Paving the way for complete OA [The OA Policy of CERN]
  80. The road to open access : a guide to the implementation of the Berlin Declaration [Roadmap for implementation]
  81. eBank UK : dissemination of research data using EPrints [Open Access to Scientific Data and Publications]
  82. Making Knowledge Work for the Rural Poor
  83. L'Open Access nella letteratura scientifica e le sue strategie
  84. Engineering ethics and the Drexel University Library : a collaborative teaching partnership
  85. Open Archives come strumenti per l'auto-gestione della comunicazione scientifica
  86. The dramatic growth of open access : implications and opportunities for resource sharing
  87. Funciones de CONUCO en el mundo de las revistas puertorrique?as
  88. Dalla crisi della comunicazione scientifica alle strategie Open Access: nuovi modelli di circolazione del sapere
  89. Scholarly Communication, the Information Chain and Technology: Analyses and Reflexions
  90. Beh?rden und Innovation - Eine praxisorientierte Untersuchung am Beispiel der Einf?hrung der Dienstleistung ?Nutzerauskunft per Chat? an Hochschulbibliotheken
  91. Crossing the Digital Divide: Strategies and Implications
  92. The Open Access Policy Imperative
  93. Open Access: Unlocking the Value of Scientific Research
  94. Sanal Ara?t?rma Ortamlar? ve A??k Veriler
  95. A website to support EBM instruction for medical students : faculty-librarian collaboration
  96. Opening Access to Scholarly Research
  97. Open Access Through the User?s Looking Glass
  98. Open access movement in Croatia through experience of ELIS
  99. Trend of R&D publications in Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors: A Study using INIS and Other Databases
  100. INSPEC database analysis for Knowledge Management records
  101. Open Access : a new opportunity for scholarly communication
  102. Scholarly communication and open access : research communities and their publishing patterns [New Trends in Scholarly Communication : how do Authors of different research communities consider OA?]
  103. A social network analysis of research collaboration in the economics community
  104. O fluxo de informa?es na transfer?ncia de tecnologia: estudo dos acordos tecnol?gicos registrados no INPI - Brasil
  105. Peer Review in the Google Age: Is technology changing the way science is done and evaluated?
  106. Strategies to promote increased coverage of biomedical journals from developing countries in Index Medicus
  107. Facciamo il punto sull'Open Access : editori, ricercatori e specialisti dell?informazione si confrontano alla "First European Conference on Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine and Medicine" Lund, (Svezia) 21-22 aprile 2006
  108. La comunicazione accademico-scientifica e l'accesso aperto : come e perch??
  109. Il ruolo della documentazione nei progetti europei : area educativa
  110. Politica dell'informazione scientifica in Italia : una prima analisi delle variabili del processo della comunicazione scientifica
  111. Taking Stock of Open Access: Progress and Issues
  112. Open access to the research literature : a funders perspective
  113. Biblioteche e societ? dell'informazione
  114. International cooperation of Ukraine : barriers on the way to equal integration
  115. The web presence of middle-eastern and european countries : a digital divide
  116. Revistas latinoamericanas y su presencia en las bibliotecas de la UNAM
  117. Open access and institutional repositories ? a developing country perspective: a case study of India
  118. Evidence based librarianship and open access
  119. Ju?ni Sloveni u Kongresnoj biblioteci u Va?ingtonu
  120. Open Access; South Africa; & Berlin4
  121. Open Access in South Africa: progress report
  122. Making the innovation case in Open Access scholarly communication
  123. Information Services to the Legislators
  124. Open Access : Policy, Academic, and University Perspectives
  125. Promoting Health Information Literacy to the Wider Community: The Mini-Med School Experience
  126. Health Information & Community Outreach
  127. Open Access for Librarians in Developing Countries
  128. Tendencias, impacto y actitudes entre los investigadores respecto al acceso abierto a las publicaciones cient?ficas (open access)
  129. Usando las bibliotecas digitales
  130. Open Access all'UNESCO per un accesso universale alla conoscenza : risultati alla Conferenza Generale UNESCO Commissione V Comunicazione e Informazione, 11-13 ottobre 2005
  131. A non-US non-UK perspective on OA (Open Access)
  132. Information Needs of Agricultural Scientists in India : Problems and Prospects
  133. Strat?gie de veille technologique : l?Institut marocain de l?information scientifique et technique au service de l?industrie marocaine
  134. Focus on Agricultural Information Transfer
  135. Open Access al centro dei nuovi scenari di e-governance
  136. Open access in Italia
  137. Nuevos anticonceptivos y ciencia bibliotecaria
  138. Between governments and researchers : OECD information, a two-way flow
  139. Between governments and researchers : OECD Information, a two-way flow
  140. Chi ha creato il primo circuito per la distribuzione e lo scambio di preprint?
  141. Getting information to the public and our users : the OECD Experience
  142. Working with public libraries to enhance access to quality-assured health information for the lay public
  143. Wissenschaftliches Publizieren mit "Open Access" - Initiativen und Widerst?nde
  144. La utilizaci?n del Software Libre y de los Formatos Abiertos en la Administraci?n P?blica
  145. Online education in UE, technologies and methodologies : state of the art
  146. E-LIS : 4,000 documentos e-prints almacenados
  147. Por una cr?tica al copyright y al rol de polic?as del copyright de los bibliotecarios
  148. Editorial and publication delay of papers submitted to 14 selected food research journals. Influence of online posting. // Retraso editorial y de publicaci?n de art?culos presentados a 14 revistas seleccionadas sobre investigaci?n de alimentos. Influencia de ponerlos online.
  149. Library movement and development process in Kerala
  150. Academic-watching : library web usability and information seeking : a case study at the University of Trieste
  151. Business intelligence : a new challenge for librarians?
  152. Open access per la ricerca e il suo pubblico
  153. Dalla parte dei ricercatori : strumenti Open Access per la ricerca scientifica
  154. E-LIS : un archivio ad accesso aperto per biblioteconomia e scienze dell'informazione
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  156. ????????? ??????????? ???????? ????????
  157. ???????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ????????? ?? ???????? ??????????? ???????????
  158. Knowledge Management Policies on Digital Content of Libraries
  159. Three Disposition Policies of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  160. Access and Reproduction Policies of the Digital Material of Seven National Libraries
  161. Considerations on Policies of University Digital Collections
  162. Anil Gupta, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Biographical Bibliometric Fact Sheets
  163. Les outils de revue de presse ?lectronique : anticiper XML
  164. Divulgaci?n del conocimiento generado en proyectos de investigaci?n m?dica: hacia un modelo de comunicaci?n de la ciencia en salud.
  165. Scientometric dimensions of nuclear science and technology research in India : a study based on INIS (1970-2002) database
  166. Die Farbenlehre des Open Access
  167. Sch?ne neue Welt des Open Access : Entgeltfreier Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Informationen, Teil 1
  168. Journale, Impact Factor, radikale Monopole und Karrieren : Entgeltfreier Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Informationen, Teil 2
  169. Hospital virtual libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean: A webometric analysis
  170. Minimum impact and immediacy of citations to physics open archives of Science Citation Index based reports
  171. Folksonomy : una classificazione sociale del web. Dal caos originario ai frutti della collaborazione
  172. Bibliotecas y medicina ind?gena : experiencias en Argentina = Libraries and aboriginal medicine : experiences in Argentina
  174. Open Access in Italia e all?estero : stato dell?arte, raccomandazioni, esperienze
  175. Usare la rete per fare ricerca : esperienze open access alla facolt? di Scienze politiche di Pisa
  176. Adding value to open access research data : the eBank UK Project
  177. Reposit?rios institucionais como ferramentas de gest?o do conhecimento cient?fico no ambiente acad?mico
  178. Open Access in Practice
  179. Net Impact Factor and Immediacy Index of ten frontline ISI journals: A case study based on citations to in-press or unpublished articles
  180. Bit?coras y sindicaci?n de contenidos: dos herramientas para difundir informaci?n
  181. Research implications report [and closing]
  182. Las palmeras argentinas a trav?s de una bibliograf?a
  183. Un enfoque b?sico sobre los recursos de informaci?n empresarial para las PYMES de la regi?n de Murcia
  184. Moving Day: Making the Most of Your Message with RSS and Syndicated Content
  185. Estudio, an?lisis y dise?o de una gu?a metodol?gica para la creaci?n de servicios de informaci?n tecnol?gica, difusi?n de la I+D y gesti?n de la innovaci?n
  186. Por una cr?tica al copyright y al rol de polic?as del copyright de los bibliotecarios
  187. Open Access in Physics and Chemistry, or, A Tale of Two Disciplines
  188. [Review of:] Vom Schwarzen Brett zum Internet - Interne Kommunikation in Unternehmen (= Ferrum - Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek, Nr. 78), red. von Irene Pill. - Schlatt: Eisenbibliothek, 2006. 132 S., ISSN 1422-9137
  189. The challenging and critical role of information professionals in combating AIDS in India
  190. Business models for scientific information, and the scientific process?
  191. Formal Definitions of Web Information Search
  192. Retrieving e-Health Research: The Challenge of Accessing the Knowledge
  193. Libre acc?s ? la recherche scientifique : opinions et pratiques des chercheurs au Qu?bec
  194. Authorship, Incentives for Creation, and Copyright in the Digital 21st Century
  195. The digital library at Sapienza : Universit? di Roma and the effort for Open Access
  196. Capturing research outputs at the University of Cambridge : experiences with DSpace
  197. A new technique for building maps of large scientific domains based on the cocitation of classes and categories
  198. Health Information Services Available for People Living With HIV/AIDS: Perspectives of Library and Information Professionals
  199. The Role of Community-Based, Problem-Centered Information Intermediaries in Local Problem Solving
  200. Der Umgang mit Wissen und Information im Amts?rztlichen Dienst des Burgenlandes : Eine Erhebung des Ist-Zustandes und Empfehlungen zur Verbesserung der aktuellen Situation
  201. Open access e copyright: il copyright scientifico nelle produzioni intellettuali di ricerca
  202. Citation tracking of scientific publications through two different searching tools : Google scholar and Web of science
  203. Making available scientific information in the third millennium: perspectives for the neuroscientific community
  204. Statistics of Open Access Journals
  205. fedOA, Open access archives a "Federico II" University of Naples
  206. La qualit? delle risorse Web dalla produzione alla valutazione. Il modello MINERVA e i sistemi informativi archivistici
  207. Blogging: Current Awareness in the Online Age
  208. Reflex?es sobre os reposit?rios institucionais
  209. The Special Case of Scientific Data Sharing with Education
  210. Open Access as an antidote for the self-referential character of science
  211. Definizione di una policy per l'archivio istituzionale ISS
  212. The current status of Open Access in biomedical field: the comparison of countries relating to the impact of national policies
  213. Bibliotheken als Dienstleister im Publikationsprozess. Herausforderungen und Chancen alternativer Formen des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens
  214. Looking at the forthcoming Berlin 5 Open Access Conference, Padova 19-21 September 2007
  215. Specialists and Synthesists in a Question Answering Community
  216. Digital Images in United States and Canadian Dental Education: The Role of Delivery Medium and Metadata
  217. Open access weblog
  218. Identificaci?n de nombres de genes en la literatura biom?dica
  219. Knowledge scenarios
  220. La biblioteca p?blica como factor de aprovechamiento popular de las leyes de transparencia y acceso a la informaci?n p?blica
  221. Why is a new Journal of Informetrics needed?
  222. Model for interoperability evaluation in e-government services
  223. Directrices para mejorar la accesibilidad a los recursos electr?nicos en los servicios de informaci?n p?blicos
  224. Cocitaci?n de clases y categor?as: Proyecto Atlas de la Ciencia
  225. El SIDA y su productividad cient?fica en la base de datos SciELO entre 1997 - 2003: estudio bibliom?trico
  226. Blogs de Biblioteconom?a y Documentaci?n en Espa?a
  227. Repertorio bibliogr?fico: arte, est?tica e historia del arte en colombia 1870-1929
  228. La struttura di uno strumento di scrittura collaborativa per la democrazia partecipata
  229. The (Surplus) Value of Scientific Communication
  230. Rola bibliotek akademickich w zakresie tworzenia i rozpowszechniania informacji o dorobku naukowym uczelni
  231. Interoperabilidad de los contenidos en las plataformas de e-learning: normalizaci?n, bibliotecas digitales y gesti?n del conocimiento
  232. Blogging Technologies for Outreach and Network Building
  233. Creating a Blog and Newsfeed
  234. Library Makes Available Online Information
  235. Informaci?n electr?nica. Espa?a. 1997-2003. Informe integrado con las opiniones de un panel de 29 expertos espa?oles
  236. In Google's Broad Wake: Taking Responsibility for Shaping the Global Digital Library
  237. Journal and Article Locator (JAL): Federated Access to Electronic/Print Journals and Article Full-Text
  238. Strumenti aperti per gli archivi documentali. Esperienze degli Open Archive nella ricerca
  239. Attori e strumenti per l?accesso aperto e l?interoperabilit?
  240. Webometric Ranking and Nigerian Private Universities: A Case Study of Bells University of Technology, Ota
  241. Really Simple Syndication: una tecnolog?a para la diseminaci?n selectiva de la informaci?n
  242. Como fomentar y fortalecer la vida civil a con informaci?n que promueve la acci?n: el rol de las ONGs = How to foster and strengthen civic life through information for action : the role of NGOs = Comment stimuler et reinforcer la vie civique a travers l'information pour l'action : le role des ONGs
  243. Strat?gie de veille technologique pour l?Institut marocain de l?information scientifique et technique
  244. Blogs e bibliotec?rios
  245. Pathfinders: A navigational tool through the Library
  246. Open Access Policy Update
  247. Experiencia con el blog colectivo de Sedic
  248. Sindicaci?n de contenidos en un portal de revistas: Temaria
  249. Evaluaci?n formal de blogs con contenidos acad?micos y de investigaci?n en el ?rea de Documentaci?n
  250. Authority records for author's names in Library and Information Science
  251. A??k Eri?im: Bilimsel ?leti?im ve Sosyal Bilimlerde S?reli Yay?nc?l?k ?zerine Etkileri
  252. Enqu?te sur le th?me de l'Open Access aupr?s du corps professoral de la Facult? des Sciences ?conomiques et sociales de l'Universit? de Gen?ve. - M?moire pr?sent? pour l'obtention du CESID (Dipl?me d'?tudes sup?rieures en information et documentation) ? l'Universit? de Gen?ve, Suisse.
  253. Internet: An Innovative Environment for Information Dissemination, Access, and Retrieval in Distance Education
  254. Networked Information in Turkey
  255. Open access: the way of the future?
  256. La comunicaci?n cient?fica y el movimiento de acceso abierto
  257. Business intelligence : a new challenge for librarians?
  258. Les outils de revue de presse ?lectronique : anticiper XML