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  1. L'acc?s libre aux travaux acad?miques sur le Web
  2. Causas del abandono del dominio .es
  3. La era del Estado empresarial versus el dominio p?blico informacional y cognitivo = The age of the corporate State versus the informational and cognitive public domain
  4. Cyber-Marx : cycles and circuits of struggle in high technology capitalism
  5. La formation ? l?information ou le besoin de revoir le concept de formation documentaire
  6. Digital goods and the concept of the commons
  7. The state, communities and public libraries: their role in tackling social exclusion (social exclusion; an international perspective, part 2)
  8. La Germania e l'economia dell'informazione
  9. Open access : policy and advocacy
  10. European cultural tradition and the new forms of production and circulation of knowledge
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  12. Bilgi ?a??nda Yeni hazine : Entellekt?el Sermaye ?le Rekabeti Yakalamak
  13. ?konomische Aspekte wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschriften
  14. China's exponential growth in science and the contribution of firms
  15. The implications of usage statistics as an economic factor in scholarly communications
  16. Evaluation of Algorithm Performance on Identifying OA
  17. Meta-analysis of OA and OAA manual determinations
  18. Study on Assessing the Present Situation of the Markets for Electronic Information Services in Greece. MSSTUDY/Greece
  19. ?irketlerde e-D?n???m: Bilginin ?ne ??k???
  20. Avrupa Birli?i Bilgi ve K?lt?r Politikalar? ??inde K?t?phanelerin Rol?
  21. Bilgi Ekonomisi ve/veya Yeni Ekonomi?nin Reddettikleri
  22. Resoconto sulle sessioni sul copyright. CML Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters. IFLA, Oslo 14-18 agosto 2005
  23. International cooperation of Ukraine : barriers on the way to equal integration
  24. Free access to open content and the role of NGOs in the use and design of free software and open hardware in developing countries
  25. Sustainable management of library and information systems in agricultural universities
  26. The economics of access to literature and information
  27. La revista electr?nica en la UNAM: retos presentes y futuros
  28. Tendencias, impacto y actitudes entre los investigadores respecto al acceso abierto a las publicaciones cient?ficas (open access)
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  30. Focus on Agricultural Information Transfer
  31. Open Access al centro dei nuovi scenari di e-governance
  32. Analysing Patenting Activity and Investment in Science and Technology in India
  33. Role of libraries in the economic and industrial development
  34. The age of the corporate State versus the informational and cognitive public domain
  35. Free Software, Open Access Repositories and Open Hardware for the Development
  36. The Open Past Initiative : a discussion paper
  37. A Question of Access: SPARC, BioOne and Society-driven Electronic Publishing
  38. Whither Competition?
  39. The Future of Scholarly Communication in the Humanities: Adaptation or Transformation?
  40. Added value of information and information systems: A conceptual approach
  41. : Un modelo de negocio basado en la gesti?n especializada de informaci?n y contenidos
  42. Information access for the poor and the role of libraries in the reduction of poverty = El acceso a la informaci?n para los pobres y el rol de las bibliotecas en la reducci?n de la pobreza
  43. Open Access in Physics and Chemistry, or, A Tale of Two Disciplines
  44. Business models for scientific information, and the scientific process?
  45. Authorship, Incentives for Creation, and Copyright in the Digital 21st Century
  46. Se cuestiona el papel de los editores (Doubts about publishers' rol)
  47. Bilgi Politikas? ve Bilgi Ekonomisi: Verimlilik, ?stihdam, B?y?me ve Kalk?nma
  48. The current status of Open Access in biomedical field: the comparison of countries relating to the impact of national policies
  49. Biblioteka przysz?o?ci, ale jakiej? Uwarunkowania ekonomiczne i demograficzne
  50. Informaci?n electr?nica. Espa?a. 1997-2003. Informe integrado con las opiniones de un panel de 29 expertos espa?oles
  51. La econom?a social en la sociedad de la informaci?n
  52. La biblioteca p?blica cubana en el per?odo 1959-1989
  53. La comunicaci?n cient?fica y el movimiento de acceso abierto