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  1. A Collaborative Lecture in Information Retrieval for Students at Universities in Germany and Switzerland
  2. A global perspective on library association codes of ethics
  3. A peep to the present and the future: Soliloquy in Librarianship
  4. A Phase-Model of the Cross-Cultural Learning Process of LIS International Doctoral Students: Characteristics and Interventions
  5. A proposed model for paradigmatic relations within an emergent discipline
  6. Analyzing and understanding cultural differences : experiences from education in Library and Information Studies
  7. Boletín Información Documental Vol.1 No. 1 = Documental Information Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1
  8. Boletín Información Documental Vol.1 No. 2 del Centro de Investigaciones en Información Documental (CINFODOC) de los profesores Zapopan Martín Muela Meza y José Antonio Torres Reyes, adscritos a la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Mexico)
  9. Collaborative Learning Using Collaboration Technology: Report from the Field
  10. Consal organization : improving our communication network
  11. Despite Barriers, Education Providers, Health Professionals, and Students Perceive E-Learning to Be an Effective Method of Education
  12. Development of an Academic Database and Network
  13. Directing students of LIS to the wider world of librarianship
  14. Distance Education in Library and Information Science in Asia and Pacific Region
  15. Distance education in Library and Information Science in Thailand
  16. Documental Information Newsletter: Publication from the Research Centre in Documental Information (CINFODOC) of the School of Philosophy and Letters (FFyL) from the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University (UANL), Mexico, Vol. 1. No. 1
  17. Documentalist and librarian education in Catalonia
  18. ШКОЛА ЗА ИНФОРМАТИКУ И БИБЛИОТЕКАРСТВО НА УНИВЕРЗИТЕТУ СЕВЕРНE КАРОЛИНE, ЧЕПЕЛ ХИЛ, САД = School of Information and Library Science at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Institutions
  19. E-journals: problem or panacea for higher education?
  20. E-learning : a myth or reality
  21. Edukacija korisnika u Univerzitetskoj biblioteci "Svetozar Marković" u Beogradu - uputstva i plakati
  22. Edukacija korisnika u Univerzitetskoj biblioteci "Svetozar Marković" u Beogradu - uputstva i plakati
  23. Emerging roles for the Librarian in Problem Based Learning
  24. Estrategias para construir un nuevo paradigma de recursos humanos en las bibliotecas públicas mexicanas = Strategies to build a new paradigm of human resources in the Mexican public libraries
  25. Exam papers on-demand
  26. Expert Committee on Staff Pattern for Kerala Agricultural University Library and Information System (KAULIS)
  27. Higher education in library and information science in India
  28. Internships in LIS education in Groningen
  29. Librarians and the Nature of Expertise
  30. Librarians On Call: an instant messaging enquiry service for Open University distance learners
  31. Librarianship Today: Challenges and Changes
  32. LIS Education in Britain : an overview
  33. LIS education in India : challenges for students and professionals in the Digital Age
  34. Making Sense of the Stories of Experience: Methodology for Research and Teaching
  35. Open Educational Practices and Resources : OLCOS Roadmap 2012
  36. Open knowledge and education at the new level of web paradigm
  37. OpenCourseware: Learning Beyond Classroom
  38. Promoting European Documentation Centers in Academic Institutions: Best practices of EDCs fostering Academic cooperation
  39. Public Library Systems in Ancient South India
  40. Role and Status of College Librarians : Comparative Analysis of Ranganathan, Mehrotra and Joy Committee Reports
  41. Role of Libraries in Promoting E-Learning : A Review of Singapore Initiatives
  42. School librarians to facilitate an educational change process
  43. The Information Science Programs of the School of Liberal Arts, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU), Thailand
  44. The political economy of global outsourcing
  45. The Special Case of Scientific Data Sharing with Education
  46. The world becomes a library
  47. What Students Say They Know, Feel, and Do About Cyber-Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty: A Case Study
  48. Who Should Manage Information Technology Development in Universities?
  49. Why do we need Science blogs?
  50. Workplace learning for information professionals in a changing information environment