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  1. Identifying the serial work as a bibliographic entity
  2. Programa de gesti?n y desarrollo de colecciones en una biblioteca universitaria (II) : pol?tica de gesti?n de colecciones
  3. Transforming Thyself: Serials Agents in a Digital World
  4. Electronic Resources Management : An Update
  5. Automation of HKBK College of Engineeting Library and Information Centre : a case study
  6. Digital Libraries on INTERNET as a key for the upgrading of information and library services
  7. ???????? ??????????? ??? ?????????, ?????? ??? ??? ?????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??? ???????????
  8. Highlights of Library Automation related documents in the INSPEC
  9. The evaluation of electronic resources as a strategic factor in the decision making process: tools, critical points, feasible solutions
  10. Los fanzines como un recurso bibliogr?fico
  11. Taylor Periodical Administration System (TPAS)
  12. Which Route Do I Take? A Viewpoint on Locally-Developed vs. Commercially Available Journal Management Solutions
  13. Adquisici?n de publicaciones periodicas electr?nicas en el SIBUC
  14. Bilgi Merkezi Web Sitesi ?zerindeki ?S?reli Yay?nlar? Butonunun ?yk?s?
  15. On the Road Again: A Conversation with Jill Emery
  16. House of Horrors: Exorcising Electronic Resources
  17. Elektronik Bilgi Kaynaklar?n?n ?niversite K?t?phanelerine Ekonomik Etkisi : ?ran Temel Bilimler ?leri Ara?t?rmalar Enstit?s? ?rne?i
  18. The e-journals catalogue of Padua University: a proposal for a light solution to a heavy problem
  19. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electronic Information Resources: An Evaluation of the Middle East Technical University Library
  20. Elektronik Bilgi Kaynaklar?nda Maliyet-Yarar Analizi: Orta Do?u Teknik ?niversitesi K?t?phanesi ?zerine Bir De?erlendirme
  21. ERMS in the Library: What should it do for us?
  22. L'attivit? amministrativa dei Centri Bibliotecari dell'Universit? di Pisa. Un'analisi del processo: gestione dei periodici
  23. Statistics of Open Access Journals
  24. Why is a new Journal of Informetrics needed?
  25. Single, Separate, or Something in between: Results of a Survey on Representing Electronic Serials in the Catalog
  26. Scholarly Electronic Journal Publishing: A Study Comparing Commercial and Nonprofit/University Publishers
  27. A??k Eri?im: Bilimsel ?leti?im ve Sosyal Bilimlerde S?reli Yay?nc?l?k ?zerine Etkileri