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  1. L'editoria italiana in formato elettronico, stato dell'arte e prospettive: un punto di vista [Italian paper presented at the Italian Session of Online Information Meeting 2001 - London, 5 december 2001]
  2. Bricks, bytes, or both? The probable impact of scholarly electronic publishing on library space needs
  3. Semanti?ki veb i elektronski izvori informacija-SEMANTIC WEB AND ELECTRONIC INFORMATION RESOURCES
  4. La necesidad de desarrollar una cultura de la publicaci?n entre los profesionales de la salud en Cuba
  5. L'edici? al Pa?s Valenci? : entre la realitat i el desig
  6. Archivos de la filmoteca
  7. Serial conversations : an interview with four consultants
  8. Open Archiving Opportunities for Developing Countries : towards equitable distribution of global knowledge
  9. Las corrientes ideol?gicas. Pasado, presente y futuro de la cultura impresa
  10. The deconstructed journal
  11. The deconstructed journal : a new model for academic publishing
  12. E-mail: A tool for exchange of information in libraries
  13. Sapiens : Scottish Academic Periodicals Implementing an Effective Networked Service. Final report, December 2004
  14. Un proceso de impresi?n : la ?censura de historias fabulosas? de Nicol?s Antonio
  15. La imprenta de Antequera en el siglo XVI : Andr?s Lobato, Antonio de Nebrija, Agust?n Antonio de Nebrija y Claudio Bol?n
  16. Publish and be read? A review of usage of Loughborough University Library publications
  17. La ?nuova economia? del libro elettronico. Prospettive per una sostanziale qualit? dell?informazione
  18. Per un codice deontologico delle pubblicazioni in Rete : riflessioni e proposte
  19. Making the change from print to online : a publisher?s perspective
  20. El cambio de paradigma en la comunicaci?n cient?fica
  21. Libros en los monasterios: producci?n y consumo
  22. In Oldenburg's Long Shadow : Librarians, Research Scientists, Publishers, and the Control of Scientific Publishing
  23. Das lehrwerksbezogene Online-Angebot von Schulbuchverlagen in Deutschland und ?sterreich. Eine Analyse von Angeboten zum Fach Mathematik an allgemein bildenden Schulen der Sekundarstufe I und II
  24. Il Content Management per la ricerca e la didattica
  25. El mercat de la revista cient?fica digital : cinc anys d'evoluci?, 1999-2003
  26. Die Positionierung einer zweisprachigen Internetzeitung unter besonderer Ber?cksichtigung der Bed?rfnisse der ungarischen Volksgruppe im Burgenland
  27. Gdje ?e objavljivati kemi?ari budu?nosti
  28. El mercat de la revista cient?fica digital - 1999
  29. Wolny dost?p do informacji i wiedzy czy wykluczenie edukacyjne? Trendy ?wiatowe a Polska
  30. Scholarly electronic publishing bibliography
  31. Electronic Publishing on Networks: Part II of a Selective Bibliography
  32. Electronic Publishing on Networks: A Selective Bibliography of Recent Works
  33. Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography
  34. Scholarly electronic publishing bibliography
  35. Growth of scientific periodicals in India (1788-1900)
  36. Growth of scientific periodicals in India (1788-1900)
  37. Growth of scientific periodicals in India (1788-1900)
  38. T?rkiye'deki Elektronik Dergiler
  39. Adoption of Electronic Document Delivery in the major academic and research establishments in the Gulf States : a feasibility study in Kuwait
  40. Gioie e dolori del pubblicare in modo alternativo : l'esperienza di JOP - Journal of the Pancreas
  41. The FUP Credibility: a user satisfaction survey
  42. The digital library. Challenges and solutions for the new Millenium. Bologna, June 17-18 ?99
  43. Libre acc?s
  44. Mogu?nosti primjene zapisa u formatu Dublin Core, ONIX i UNIMARC u mre?nim knji?arama u Hrvatskoj
  45. Whose writing is this?
  46. La riforma della comunicazione scientifica
  47. Highlights of Library Automation related documents in the INSPEC
  48. Workshop "Italian Universities for Open Access: towards open access for scholarly literature" - Messina, Italy, November 4th-5th, 2004
  49. An ecological look at scholarly documentation
  50. Upravljanje otvorenim arhivom : primjer ELIS-a
  51. Business models : quo vadis?
  52. The future of consortia with the 'New Springer'
  53. Oxford University Press
  54. Libro elettronico, editoria digitale, accesso aperto: riflessioni e prospettive, in ?Nuova Informazione Bibliografica?, Bologna, il Mulino, num. 1, gennaio-marzo 2005
  55. The DFG Study of Author Experience of Open Access
  56. Open Access progress in the Nordic Countries [OA Progress in Scandinavia]
  57. Scholarly communication in Japan : open access etc as of 2005 [OA Progress in Japan]
  58. Open Access Activities within Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  59. Paving the way for complete OA [The OA Policy of CERN]
  60. Le iniziative CASPUR e CILEA per l'Open Access
  61. Entre proveedor y usuario "la biblioteca bisagra"
  62. William Y. Arms "Digital libraries". Cambridge, MA, London: MIT Press, 2000. xi, 287 pp. ISBN 0-262-01180-8 Price ?27.95
  63. Comunicaci?n cient?fica y edici?n alternativa. Visibilidad y fuentes de informaci?n en ByD
  64. Modelle des alternativen, nicht kommerziellen elektronischen Publizierens als Reaktion auf die Informationskrise der Wissenschaft und Darstellung einiger wichtiger Akteure
  65. Open Access : un'introduzione ragionata
  66. ???????????? ????????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ?3 (SGML) ?? ?4 (XML)
  67. Meta-analysis of OA and OAA manual determinations
  68. Open access movement in Croatia through experience of ELIS
  69. Open access journals and digital repositories on Library and Information Science In Brazil
  70. Free Access to Information and Knowledge or Educational Exclusion? World?s Trends versus Poland
  71. I progetti internazionali di digitalizzazione bibliotecaria: un panorama in evoluzione
  72. Scholarly information on the Web : a vision for the future service landscape
  73. Autori (znanstvenih priloga) : izbor je na Vama!
  74. Virtually There? E-books in UK academic libraries
  75. What has been going on? [Open Access - what has been going on?]
  76. Small science journals : stay alert for potentially dangerous information
  77. Using digital libraries to provide online access to social science journals in Latin America
  78. Facciamo il punto sull'Open Access : editori, ricercatori e specialisti dell?informazione si confrontano alla "First European Conference on Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine and Medicine" Lund, (Svezia) 21-22 aprile 2006
  79. House of Horrors: Exorcising Electronic Resources
  80. A??k Eri?im Kavram? ve Geli?mekte Olan Bir ?lke Olarak T?rkiye ??in Anlam?
  81. Open Access: Three Perspectives
  82. Navigating the world of scholarly communication; the impact of OA publishing on the secondary publisher
  83. Open access and institutional repositories ? a developing country perspective: a case study of India
  84. Sprache und Erscheinungsbild bei Tageszeitungen : ein Vergleich zwischen "Kronen Zeitung" und "Der Standard"
  85. La edici?n de revistas cient?ficas : Gu?a de buenos usos
  86. "Complicated Bearers of Cultural Difference": Canadian Magazines and Trade Policy
  87. Tendencias, impacto y actitudes entre los investigadores respecto al acceso abierto a las publicaciones cient?ficas (open access)
  88. Focus on Agricultural Information Transfer
  89. Open access in Italia
  90. ??????????? (Case Studies) ???????????? ???????????: "The DiVA Project"
  91. Beware publishers bearing gifts : why the "big deal" is a bad deal for universities
  92. Current Awareness Services for Electronic Journal Literature
  93. Reprography in university libraries and copyright law
  94. Das Buch und sein Haus - ein Digitalisierungsprojekt am Institut f?r Bibliothekswissenschaft
  95. Certification and beyond : DINI open access activities in Germany
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  97. ????????? ??????????? ???????? ????????
  98. ???????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ????????? ?? ???????? ??????????? ???????????
  99. Knowledge Management Policies on Digital Content of Libraries
  100. Three Disposition Policies of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  101. Collections and Access Policies of the Digital Material of Ten National Libraries
  102. Access and Reproduction Policies of the Digital Material of Seven National Libraries
  103. Considerations on Policies of University Digital Collections
  104. Edici?n electr?nica, bibliotecas virtuales y portales para las ciencias sociales en Am?rica Latina y el Caribe
  105. Weaving the Web of Science : HyperJournal and the impact of the Semantic Web on scientific publishing
  106. Information and Communication Technology : As industry and as constituent in other spheres of development in Kerala
  107. Open Publishing in the Humanities : An Introduction
  108. Experimenting with a Model Digital Library of ETDs for Indian Universities Using D-Space
  109. OAI-PMH and the Peer-Review Process [An OAI Repository-Centric Peer-Review Model]
  110. Readers? attitudes to self-archiving in the UK
  111. [Keynote] Open Access : a funder's perspective
  112. Library and publicing report [Library and Publishing report]
  113. Moving Day: Making the Most of Your Message with RSS and Syndicated Content
  114. Improving Human Welfare: The Crucial Role of Open Access
  115. Open Access Journal Systems / Online Publications Systems
  116. Alte H?te und neue Konzepte : Qualit?tssicherung, Qualit?tsmessung und Zitationsh?ufigkeiten
  117. Citation tracking of scientific publications through two different searching tools : Google scholar and Web of science
  118. How electronic publishing changes the production and distribution of scholarly journals?
  119. Productos espec?ficos de la prensa digital: los confidenciales
  120. Gli atenei italiani e l'informazione in Open Access
  121. Prensa digital en 2006
  122. Syst?my muzejn?ch digit?ln?ch informac? na WWW
  123. Surprising Subscriptions: How Electronic Journal Publishing Has Affected the Partnership Among Subscription Agents, Publishers and Librarians
  124. Kommerzielle Open Access Publishing-Gesch?ftsmodelle auf dem Pr?fstand : ?konomische Zwischenbilanz der "Gold Road to Open Access" an drei ?sterreichischen Universit?ten
  125. El profesional de la informaci?n
  126. Scholarly Electronic Journal Publishing: A Study Comparing Commercial and Nonprofit/University Publishers
  127. Los servicios tecnol?gicos de las bibliotecas p?blicas en la legislaci?n federal y estatal
  128. A proposed model of knowledge representation and the coding of knowledge embedded in texts of Web published scientific articles
  129. Pasado, presente y futuro del proyecto Scielo en Espa?a
  130. Um blog, uma revista, um reposit?rio e um portal: experi?ncias discentes na divulga??o e comunica??o em Biblioteconomia
  131. Elektronik Yay?nc?l?kta Son Geli?meler
  132. Elektronik Yay?nc?l?k, Bilimsel ?leti?im ve K?t?phaneler
  133. Internet: An Innovative Environment for Information Dissemination, Access, and Retrieval in Distance Education
  134. T?rkiye?nin bilimsel yay?n haritas?: T?rkiye?de dergi yay?nc?l??? ?zerine bir ara?t?rma. (Proje sonu? raporu)
  135. La comunicaci?n cient?fica y el movimiento de acceso abierto
  136. Nuevo Agora Plan estrat?gico 2005-2010